Friday, April 27, 2012

Lubbock considers Tim Cole memorial

The Lubbock City Council is considering a memorial for Timothy Cole, who was posthumously exonerated and pardoned after a false rape conviction and died in prison before his name could be cleared. They at first suggested constructing a fountain in his honor but decided to delay the idea, questioning the wisdom of building another fountain in the middle of a drought. The majority of the council though, reports the Avalanche Journal, remains supportive of a memorial of some sort. Cole's half-brother, Cory Session, suggested a less costly cenotaph might be to rename the portion of Texas Avenue in front of the courthouse where Cole was convicted after him, though he reminded them, “I would say to any of the council members that might bring up the cost, there is no greater than the cost that has been paid by my mother and my family; that’s immeasurable.”

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