Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tim Cole story, eyewitness ID reform featured on Rock Center

The NBC news show with Brian Williams tonight will examine Timothy Cole's false conviction and Texas' reforms of police eyewitness identification procedures.

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Thomas R. Griffith said...

Hey Grits, please allow me to get this party started with a krap load of words.

As a (VOTS) victim of the system, regarding a case of false arrest & subsequent wrongful conviction having absolutely nothing to do with DNA or Death Row) & everything to do with - false & falsified eyewitness I. D., this topic is of the utmost importance.

Regardless of what folks have heard about false eyewitness identification being a major factor in wrongful convictions, I can assure you that the major blame deserves to be laid at the feet of those charges with Defending the accused.

Failure by the Criminal Defense to perform basic pre-investigations prior to filing "Ready for Trial" notices is nothing more than "Ineffective Assistance of Counsel". Failure to file pre-trial discovery motions and filing 30 days prior to a felony jury trial is I.A. Failure to defend all the way to verdict is "tapping-out". Failure to think that you and /or a love one is incapable of being a VOTS is plain ol arrogant & stupid but curable.

Watch the program, take notes and pray that your blond hair isn't changed to black just to make the description fit. Better off, pray the real criminal left some DNA or risk being told to "Go Away". Thanks.

*R.I.P. Mr. Cole