Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hannah Overton prosecutor on the dock

I wouldn't do justice to the recounting, so interested readers should see coverage by Texas Monthly's Pam Colloff, from John MacCormack at the San Antonio Express News, and Michelle Villareal at the Corpus Christi Caller Times of day three of an extraordinary evidentiary hearing in Hannah Overton's habeas corpus writ. Suffice it to summarize, once Overton's attorneys interrogated the prosecution team on the stand, prosecutorial misconduct allegations are back on the table, even though the Nueces DA's office had successfully chipped away at the allegation the day before. For convenience, here's Colloff's complete coverage of the evidentiary hearing for Overton's habeas writ so far:
At the Caller Times, Villareal is liveblogging today's events at the hearing.

Of course, this development only reinforces Grits' sense that the Governor should pardon Hannah Overton if her habeas petition fails.

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