Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two exonerees named Dallas News' 'Texans of the Year'

The Dallas News has named exonerees Michael Morton and Christopher Scott "Texans of the Year" for initiating advocacy efforts in the wake of their release from prison stints served for false murder convictions. See their feature writeup describing the men's cases and advocacy efforts after release. An accompanying article portrays some of the reentry difficulties faced by exonerees addressed by Mr. Scott's nonprofit, the House of Renewed Hope. See coverage of the other Texan of the Year nominees here.

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Thomas R. Griffith said...

Congratulations to Mr. Morton & Mr. Scott, good luck in your endeavors my friends.

I challenge you both to; consider including in any & all advocacy efforts of 2013 and beyond to cover the area involving; Non-DNA, Non-Death Row, Closed / Inactive cases' regarding; claims' of wrongful convictions’ where the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles declined to approve Full Pardons' - for innocence due to the original three trial officials' refusing to provide unanimous favorable decisions' as required. When there are no incentives’ to admit you and / or your predecessors’ were wrong (and committed multiple felonies to obtain a conviction(s), you get what I got - silence and laughter.

It'll take someone of your caliber(s) and instant fame to convince the projects, groups & powers to be to “Stop the Cherry Picking for Justice”. I’ll never be as famous as either of you, but that won’t stop me from advocating for the un-exoneratables of Texas. BTW, I advocate for free and will advocate at your side(s) if you simply ask. Thanks.