Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help Grits pay for electronic privacy coverage

Time to ask for Grits readers' assistance to raise funds for extraordinary blog expenses. Regular readers know legislation has been filed in both the Texas House and Senate to require a warrant for law enforcement to access location tracking data from cell phones and other personal electronic devices without a warrant - a topic which Grits has covered more aggressively than any media outlet in the state. This weekend I'll be attending a conference on that topic in Connecticut at the Yale Law School with a spectacular-looking lineup of speakers and experts, but along with several recent open records requests, the cost has exceeded what's available in Grits' tip jar (i.e., contributions via the Pay Pal buttons in the right-hand column).

If you find Grits' coverage of electronic privacy issues and other criminal-justice topics useful, please make a donation to help with expenses for the trip. I need to raise about $800 to cover all expenses. Either donate via Pay Pal using the button below or shoot me an email at shenson[at] if you'd prefer to mail a check. When I return I'll write up what I've learned and everyone benefits.

Until then, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help.


Anonymous said...

I would like to give a donation for you cause. Where do I mail the check to? Thank you


Anonymous said...


As the Nipper requested, where does the check go? :~)

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Shoot me an email at shenson[at] and I'll give you the details. Mailing to my home address and didn't want to post it online. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Mailing to my home address and didn't want to post it online.

I'll just write Google and ask for it.


TEM said...

Which would you prefer? Don't you have to give PayPal a fee?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Since I'm not a nonprofit, TEM - Grits is just a personal blog, at the end of the day - so PayPal charges sales tax, is the biggest difference.

TEM said...

I do not like paying taxes just because I want to give you a spot of cash! I really appreciate your work. I will send you an email and send you a check. We don't always agree, but information is valuable and you provide it honestly.