Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cleaning out the snake pit at Williamson DA's office

This anecdote gives a good sense of why change was needed at the Williamson County District Attorney's office: "When new District Attorney Jana Duty moved into her office in the Williamson County Justice Center in Georgetown on Jan. 2, she found a dead coral snake with the head cut off in her desk drawer."

Classy, huh? Former DA John Bradley said he had nothing to do with it, and I believe him, but the episode surely says something about the office culture that surrounded him. Duty has begun to clean out the snake pit, but odds are whoever put the reptile there still works in the DA's office.


Anonymous said...

Nope, no "bunker mentality" there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a metaphor (albeit badly done) that to kill the monster they had to cut off the head and I wouldnt be so sure that person still works there.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it happened. The man who said he witnessed it is Duty's henchman and allegedly runs the website Wilco Watchdog, which is a gossipy, hate-mongering forum, the purpose of which was to get Duty elected.

I would be interested to see if the first bit of criticism of her attempts at running the District Attorney's Office of a 500,000 person county ever makes it into Wilco Watchdog.

And if it does, will it be vitriolic and sneaky as it always was with Bradley (Ex-DA seen leaving early on a Friday), or will it be sugar-coated? Remains to be seen.

Don't be so gullible, Grits. You're too smart to be taken in like this.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Denial, as it turns out, is not just a river in Egypt. Thanks for once again confirming that, 4:27.

Harris is a Duty partisan but that doesn't make him a liar, by a longshot. True, since he works for Duty, I doubt you'll see him attack the office while he's still employed there, but that doesn't mean he's not telling the truth. He's not stupid and lying about this would be stupid.

Anonymous said...

Denial is a two-way street, Grits. Ask for the photos. Demand some evidence before printing bizarre stories so far-fetched! Why is this just now surfacing?

Everything else Bradley allegedly did to/about his replacement was reported pronto. A decapitated snake in a desk drawer? Really? And then the trash can? Didn't it smell bad?

Why wouldn't you tell someone at the time?

Gene said...

I do not know who is behind but I've followed the stories posted there and found the reporting to be very credible. Bradley, on the other hand, has proven his credibility to the residents of Williamson County (and most of Texas) which is why he was booted out of office. Obviously Bradley's 2 friends (anon 4:27 and anon 8:39) aren't happy about it. has been a welcomed news source for many Williamson County residents and has helped expose these snakes in suits and robes. As a result, the times they are a changin'.

Anonymous said...

As long as they are changing for the better, Gene. I just hope the new DA is competent. I already know she is unscrupulous.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't rule Bradley out. A dead snake left in a desk drawer isn't nothing when compared to the young Williamson County lives destroyed by John Bradley during his reign of terror in WilCo.

From Bradley's testimony in the Court of Inquiry on 2/7/2013:
"If you are implying that I am lying under oath," said Bradley. "It is out of line."

"My office had an open file policy."

Both of the statements made by Bradley were followed by exchanged glances, eye rolls, and grins from the spectators in the Court Room.