Saturday, February 23, 2013

Roundup: Fumbling DAs, DPS policy reversal, Harris jail won't privatize

A few odds and ends from this week's news that failed to make it into individual Grits posts:

DPS reverses policy on shooting at vehicles from helicopters
Too bad it took a tragedy. Shooting hogs from helicopters is still okay.

Harris County won't privatize jail
Too much risk and uncertain savings.

Leadership 'crisis' lamented at McLennan DA
A fumbling, petty PR strategy exacerbated the rift between the District Attorney and Waco Police Department, said the Waco Tribune-Herald editorial board.

Leadership crisis lamented at Dallas DA
Dallas DA Craig Watkins is fumbling through another alleged corruption scandal.

Immigration practicalities
See critical commentary on border security and the importance of illegal immigrants to Texas' construction industry.

The conservative case against solitary confinement
From George Will, of all people.


Anonymous said...

So the Waco DA was wanting to disclose an informers identity to the defense, the defense lawyer was apparently seeking this information, and you're accusing the DA of "fumbling?" I thought you wanted more open discovery by prosecutors, Grits? WTF??????? Or do you just get off being critical of prosecutors regardless of the issue?

Anonymous said...

10:43--you're missing key pieces of the story. Abelito is waging a stupid, petulant PR campaign on his FB page against the Waco Police Department and the Waco Trib. He continues to call out (without naming her) one particular detective, in turn, alienating the rest of the department.

Get your facts before you comment.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

10:43, 11:07 got it right. AR also called out the local paper as liars when their reporting was 100% accurate, then began lashing out at the police officer involved on his Facebook page, pretending it was just that one individual when the police department and the city's attorneys had taken the same stance. He took a position that may have been defensible but handled it indefensibly badly, similar to Craig Watkins, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Another example of mighty mouse's immaturity level..he has to have the last shot. In the meantime former prosecutor Segrest is not surprised at such events and would never lower himself or staff to such levels. Read my lips, something very dangerous and creepy is developing in McLennan County.

Anonymous said...


I'm surprised Abelito hasn't blocked you from his FB page. That's what he did to me! :-D

Anon by choice said...

More important re DA stupidity: Some of the defendants had confessed! and now their cases are dismissed as well.

There is no legal need for disclosure of the informant, as the judge (very tough on crime, btw) said.

Anonymous said...

Mexico has invaded the United States and now over 50% of the population of Texas is made up of those who found the border to be effectively open. Crossing it was no real problem--they are here.

Now some beg us to make the border even more open. We must Completely transform Texas, these progressives preach. Don't leave a trace of the white man's culture, they earnestly plead.

Arce said...

Anon @ 2:00 am:

Many Hispanics in Texas have roots here from before the Alamo. The Anglos are the immigrants here, coming in and taking over, stealing the land, railroading the Tejanos and Native Americans out of their ownership of land and home. Some of those Tejanos fought with the Texians at the Alamo and San Jacinto, and died at Bahia.

So the Anglos stole the land, and now you are upset that some Hispanics are migrating back from Mexico?

BTW, I am a WASP.

Anonymous said...

They are saying that Obama is trying to totally transform American society. That's a myth. The idea that people from Mexico will transform Texas is just another myth.

Anonymous said...

Dallas DA Craig Watkins was held in contempt. His case dismissed.
Apparently, he doesn't want to play by the same rules that John Q. Public has to play by...