Thursday, February 07, 2013

Roundup: Ken Anderson court of inquiry coverage

I've had work to do that's kept me from attending or closely tracking the Ken Anderson court of inquiry involving alleged prosecutor misconduct in the Michael Morton case in Georgetown. But this morning I took time to peruse the media coverage so far and thought I'd at least provide a link roundup:
The Austin Statesman's Chuck Lindell is providing updates from the trial on Twitter, if you're into that sort of thing. Let me know in the comments if you've seen good coverage that I've missed.

UPDATE: It didn't take long for John Bradley's road to Damascus conversion to stall out. The headline today from the Ken Anderson court of inquiry blares, "Bradley says he's changed his mind about Morton documents." See also an interview of Michael Morton with Brandi Grissom from the Texas Tribune.


dfisher said...

I've been following this court of inquiry and was wondering if either side was going to mention the elephant in the room.

The questions that need to be asked are, When did Ken Anderson decide Morton was guilty and who put that notion in his head. I believe I know the answer to those questions, "Roberto Bayardo".

When Bayardo told Anderson that Christina died early that same morning based on his junk science, Bayardo set all the chain of events in motion.

I also noted in the documents Williamson Co. Sheriff Don Wood, deputy David Proctor & Charlie Megliorino were all present during the autopsy. Where are their reports as to what Bayardo told them.

Also present was DPS chemist Donna Stanley who would have taken the swabs, so what happened to them and the resulting reports.

Since this was circumstantial case, the only thing that could be called forensic evidence was Bayardo's testimony. Bayardo who lied to obtain the position of Travis Co. ME in 1978 and never stopped.

Where Anderson is most likely not innocent in hiding evidence, Bayardo is the real culprit in the wrongful conviction of Michael Morton ... and many, many others.

Anonymous said...

What about the judge that replaced Lott. He has had all of this evidence shoved in his face for years, all the while doing nothing until his hands were tied and had to act. They convict you on fake evidence in that county but when the table is turned it takes an act of god to get them to move. This county needs a judicial makeover.