Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bite marks, DNA mixtures among reconsidered forensics

See a couple of Texas stories on reevaluating flawed forensics:


Anonymous said...

Do you think Dr. Hales just recently came to this new conclusion about his "unscientific" bite marks testimony, or did he realize his mistake a couple of decades ago (and why didn't he say something then)?

And where was Dallas DA Craig Watkins' famous Conviction Integrity Unit? This seems like some low hanging fruit that could have saved Mr. Chaney from doing extra prison time.

So many questions...!

Mike Ware said...

Anonymous, this case was flagged and the investigation was started by Craig Watkin's famous Conviction Integrity Unit. Congrats to Julie Lesser, Patricia Cummings and the Innocence Project for their excellent work in successfully carrying this case through to exoneration.
Mike Ware

Anonymous said...

Mike Ware-

Since you're reading this blog, can you explain why the CIU had a disproportionately high number of exonerations related to eye witness mis-identifiation (~76%) relative to the rest of the country (~48%). And a disproportionately low number of exonerations related to forensic error (~6%) relative to the rest of the country (~25%). Did the CIU selectively pursue certain claims of innocence relative to other claims (ie. witness misidentification versus forensic error)?

And why did Watkins not pursue any criminal charges against a single Prosecutor where official misconduct was the contributing cause of wrongful conviction?

For that matter, why did you leave the CIU?

Anonymous said...

Another Anny said this.
Mike left the building Anny, but, if he should return I hope he's got time to answer another why?

Why did Craig Watkins order his Unit to concentrate on those wronged by the Republican's version of the rigged system that just happened to be black victims or, was it African American? (Too many self descriptions to keep up with.)The Unit is a damn Joke due to being utilized by the very politician turned criminal that created it. It should be dismantled and trashed AND not recreated by Hawk due to her being a damn flake and possibly a criminal. A new Unit should be created by an entity having no connections to the DA's office or, Law Enforcement. We've had enough of this bullshit version of Internal Affairs.

If he says that he didn't, then he's lying through his teeth because I know of several so called - white people aka: peckerwoods and Hispanics that were vetted to be wronged first by the Rs' & later by the Ds' that took over and created the Infamous Unit and didn't even receive a single reply to: calls, emails and petitions from across the nation simply asking them to consider reviewing what we found.

*One ex: of blatant ignoring of claims regarding folks of other colors - Ware was there when they railroaded and later ignored Mrs. Audrey White's claim.

*Since Anny left out this and to be fair - Why has Hawk 'not' pursued the bad ADAs' and ignored applicants' seeking assistance from the Unit?