Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Good for John Cornyn

This blog tracks neither federal legislation nor D.C. politics, but it sure doesn't hurt those of us fishing downstream to have Texas' senior US senator championing federal sentencing reform, out there declaring on the stump that being tough on crime isn't enough.

Maybe Sen. Cornyn's example will embolden state legislators in Austin come 2017 to follow his lead and directly attack excessive sentencing instead of piddling around the edges of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Listened to today's Marshall Project live streamed panel discussion on this issue with President Obama. No one made any promises but to hear police chiefs, POLICE CHIEFS, say "we need be treating crimes as the social problems they are and stop relying so heavily on arrest and incarceration" gives me a modicum of hope.

Anonymous said...

If Senator Cornyn really wanted to help, he would ask how the best way to fix the problem from those that were innocent and incarcerated for crimes they did not do. He would provide a bill that removes CPS from interfering with families and see that those that bear false witness are prosecuted, especially if they are Public Employees.