Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Grits in New Orleans: On 'Criminal Justice and the Press'

Thanks a bunch to our pal Vikrant Reddy and his staff at the Charles Koch Institute for extending an invitation to your correspondent to be on a dinner panel on "Criminal Justice and the Press" next week at their conference in New Orleans. The other panelists are Reihan Salam, who's executive editor at National Review, and Conor Friedersdorf, a staff writer at The Atlantic. So they've placed me in esteemed company for a lowly blogger. Gracias, amigos. 

Normally Grits eschews the conference circuit, but this is the first such national event put on by a major conservative funder and the presenters, who include a healthy Texas contingent, represent remarkable ideological diversity compared to most such gatherings, which makes it more interesting for me. Looks like a neat event and, naturally, Grits will write up the most entertaining bits upon my return for the benefit of those who can't make the trip.


Anonymous said...

Well deserved honor! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Interesting that GRITS mentions the conservative part. If a liberal were sponsoring this, it would that also be mentioned? I guess GRITS is trying to convey the perceived irony of the fact that a conservative (!) would be hosting an event like this.

Just more bias, right there for all of us to see!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Dirk, first, this blog is for opinion writing. If you don't want "bias," go elsewhere, I'm very up front about what's being presented here.

Second, if you read a bit more carefully, I said if a liberal were sponsoring this, I wouldn't go. And if it were the 10th such conservative conference, I might not either. But as its the first, and not just the usual suspects, that's a more interesting event to me.

Plus, there'll be a bunch of Texans and Texas expats there, so it'll be like old home week.

Anonymous said...

Damn Grits, you went off and validated a goofy comment.

Btw, Dirk is 14 and home sick with lice and his sister says he also has cooties.

See ya, I'll be at table #6.

And Dirky you can go suck an egg and get well soon you lil itchy piss-ant.