Sunday, October 18, 2015

60 second man: Local boy makes good with series of conservative shorts

Our pal Vikrant Reddy, formerly of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and now of the Charles Koch Institute, stars in a series of short videos the conservative group produced explaining various aspects of the criminal justice system from a right-of-center perspective.
Reddy was a really good hire for the Koch Institute, IMHO. These videos stake out quite a different set of positions, Grits suspects, than the Koch brothers' myriad ideological critics may anticipate.

Great job, Vik!

H/T: Sentencing Law and Policy.


Lee said...

I like John Oliver's shows better but it's a start.

JC said...

Thanks for the link. I shared it nekkid on Fasc Book, just to see what responses I got from "OMG Koch!", but did give you credit.