Thursday, March 09, 2017

Dead dogs, shot owners, greedy clerks, phony risks, and a 'seismic change in police interrogations'

Here are a few odds and ends that each merit their own blog posts, or at least they would if I weren't spending my days writing Just Liberty emails and action alerts. (E.g., go here to send your state rep an email asking them to sign on in support of Rep. Garnet Coleman's "Sandra Bland Act.") So while Grits is focused elsewhere, check out:


Anonymous said...

Re: HB1258, it seems perfectly reasonable to me that a court clerk should charge to print a document for someone who walks into a courthouse and requests a copy. But if I log on to the county website and use my own paper and ink, I shouldn't have to pay for that. And the number of counties that don't make any of this information public on their websites is ridiculous, especially since e-file is a thing nearly every (if not all) counties already participate in.

Rhapsodist said...

Hb1258 would prevent you from being able to access records online and the ultimate reason is so that county clerks can charge $1 a page and force you to show up in person to have documents printed out. It's honestly a bunch of bull honkey! Counties need to raise sales taxes if they don't have enough money. Not punish people seeking access to public records. For a red state especially that feels like way too much government red tape to make people go through.