Sunday, February 27, 2005

Corrupt Task Force News from Alabama

A drug task force commander in Alabama was sentenced Thursday in federal court to one year and a day for several crimes: extorting $5,000 from a suspect in exchange for not arresting him, stealing another $5,000 or so from federal grant funds, plus lying to federal agents. Still, this item from the Tuscaloosa News implies that the corruption runs deeper, probably into the prosecutors' offices:
Defense attorney George Andrews told the judge that his client did not act alone, and [David Lynn] Scogin implied that another individual helped him dismiss cases in state court. But neither Andrews nor Scogin elaborated on any potential accomplices.
US Attorney Alice Martin, I suppose, didn't consider it important that Scogin name accomplices as part of the deal? No reason we'd want THAT information, after all. Better, I'm sure, just to sweep it all under the rug, huh guys?

Meanwhile, D'Alliance reported Friday on Byrne task force officers from Tennessee who tortured and beat a man for two hours last summer in an incident covertly audiotaped by the victim's wife. Pete earlier published some of the grim transcript. Who can justify this?

In Texas, legislation has been introduced to abolish the state's drug task force system.


peggy said...

what is the purpose of this site?

peggy said...

my purpose is to gather people together in Fayette Al and Carrollton, Al, where DA decides on her own merrits or discrimination who to lower bond for and because I spoke up at the Fayette Jail about the mental abuse by jailers to female inmates as well as visitors and the physical with racial threats against inmates. there is much corruption to be investigated. where do i go. they have also violated many inmates rights and nothing is done.