Thursday, February 17, 2005

Today: Texans for Medical Marijuana Lobby Day

Texans for Medcial Marijuana is having their lobby day today in Austin at the state capitol to support HB 658, a bill providing an affirmative defense to marijuana charges for patients whose doctors recommended its use. The bill has bipartisan joint-authorship (Naishtat/Keel) and support from 75% of Texans. Check out TMM's fact sheet (pdf) in support of the bill, and if you happen to find yourself in the Texas capitol building, check out their great display set up in the hallways of (I think it's) the first underground extension.

The Dallas News rightly thinks the bill doesn't go far enough, but it's a good first step for Texas. To keep on top with what's happening in Texas to support passage medical marijuana legislation, sign up for TMM's excellent, low-volume, high-impact email alerts. TMM's Noelle and Karen and doing a first-rate job educating the Legislature (the public is already there) about the the irrationality of forbidding medical use of something doctors want to prescribe.

Whispers in the halls: Texas' other big harm reduction bill, Sen. Lindsay's (R-Houston) SB 127 that would allow a local option for needle exchange, may have a companion bill filed in the House soon. Stay tuned for more on that as things progress.

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