Thursday, February 24, 2005

Grits Jointly Wins Koufax Best Single Issue Blog

Wampum announced the 2004 Koufax Weblog Award Winners, yesterday, and Grits was honored to have been jointly named Best Single Issue Blog on the Left, along with Talk Left. I want to thank Wampum for holding this shindig -- not only is Grits proud to win, but through the process I was turned on to a lot of other great blogs I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Congratulations are in order to co-winner and two-time previous Best-Single-Issue-Blog winner Jeralyn, still the class of the field, and to the other Koufax winners.

Most of all, thanks so much to Grits readers who voted for me in either the semifinals or the finals, and to Charles Kuffner who first nominated me. In fact, Grits was so new then, I doubt I'd have been aware of Wampum's contest at all if Charles hadn't mentioned it on his blog and put Grits up for the award

Check out all the other winners, too. There's a lot of great stuff there. Thanks again, folks!

Wampum: 2004 Koufax Award Winners:

Best Blog – Non-Sponsored Division: Daily Kos.

Best Blog – Pro Division: Talking Points Memo by Josh Marshall.

Best Writing: Hullabaloo by Digby.

Best Post: If America Were Iraq, What Would it be Like by Professor Juan Cole of Informed Comment.

Best Series: The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism by David Neiwert at Orcinus and Cheers and Jeers by Bill in Portland Maine at the Daily Kos.

Best Group Blog: Jerome Armstrong, Chris Bowers, and the many diarists at MyDD.

Most Humorous Blog: J.C. Christian’s Jesus’ General.

Most Humorous Post: the Poorman’s Poker with Dick Cheney.

Best Expert Blog: Informed Comment won the vote to become a two-time Koufax Award winner for Best Expert Blog.

Best Single Issue Blog (Tie): Talk Left and Grits for Breakfast.

Best New Blog: Amanda Marcotte of Mouse Words.

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition: Suburban Guerrilla.

Best Commenter: Meteor Blades is known for his guest blogging at Kos and for his writing at Liberal Street Fight.


Sally said...

Congratulations! As a native Texan I am proud of you and honored that you once linked to me. Keep up the good fight on the RLC's and everything else.

Eric Martin said...

Congratulations. You really do deserve it. And no, I'm not bitter because I came up short in the finals to one of your fellow Texans at MouseWords. You folks need all the support you can get, and deserve recognition for standing up against the tide in Bush country.

Eric Martin
Total Information Awareness