Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday roundup

The Texans for Medical Marijuana lobby day got good coverage in the Dallas News, and the Houston Chronicle ran the AP story.

The Statesman ran a piece on HB 47 filed by House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee Chairman Terry Keel, R-Austin, to fine counties that don't make arrest and search warrant affidavits public. Grits covered the bill here.

A sex crimes case involving a police supervisor who oversaw the sex crimes unit has been forwarded to a Bexar County grand jury in San Antonio, reports the Express News, which also reports that the Senate Criminal Justice Committee doesn't see much cost savings from deporting foreigners in Texas prisons.

El Paso generates $22+ million in traffic revenue, reports the Times, and the city has put all its traffic ticket information online, searchable, including who has outstanding warrants, etc. You need a date of birth to search by name.

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