Thursday, February 17, 2005

Last chance to vote

UPDATE: Voting is over. We were among the top vote getters and are awaiting results. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Wampum's Best of the Left Awards close on Friday, and
Grits has been nominated as Best Single Issue Blog. Their website went down for a day or so this week after I'd posted an earlier notice, so I thought I'd remind readers who might have tried to vote and couldn't. Their site is back up.

To vote,
click here and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to the comments section. You'll have to enter a name and valid email address then just write "Grits for Breakfast" in the comments box and press the button labeled "Post."

I really appreciated everybody who voted for Grits in the semi-finals. This is the homestretch push, so if you think Grits is the Best Single Issue Blog on the Left,
give us some love.

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Gloria said...

could you explain HB2649 for me? does it mean that state jail offenders already serving time are eligible for the 20% time credit and is this bill retroactive?