Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cat blogging

Busy day today - I'm going to attend a Texas House Corrections Committee hearing this morning then am booked all afternoon, though I might do some liveblogging from the capitol later if the wireless connection is good. You can watch it or the Juvenile Justice Committee hearing this morning on the web as they happen, if you're interested - see the links to streaming video on the House website.

While I'm gone, check out regular Grits commenter Catonya's
2withspirit site, especially her new summary page documenting discrepancies in the police version of her late husband's death in a high speed chase. Cat brings news of another dangerous high-speed chase in Wichita Falls involving 30 officers, asking:

Tell me which do you feel more endangered by-

  • a young adult male driving a pick-up. the crime- unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (translates to someone loaning out their vehicle and it not being returned on time) ;


  • 30 members of law enforcement speeding around the city in an adrenaline induced high.
Good point. In the current post Catonya laments the death of Jim Phillips, founder of which advocated for law enforcement to adopt safer high-speed chase policies. She also brings word of a Wichita Falls rapper "C-Nile" jailed for his anti-police lyrics - apparently he named officers in the Wichita Falls PD with "specific threats" in a record sold in local music stores, reported the TV news. Free speech questions aside, I wonder if there's something extra they could charge him with for that stupid name? Anyway, go check out Catonya's wonderful blog, where these darker subjects are supplemented with her accounts of family life and the occasional, equally wonderful Half-Naked Thursday.


Catonya said...

(HNT blush)

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Catonya can see things quite clearly.

Her eyes have so been washed clean of delusion by her grief and sorrow.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Cat, I hope the HNT reference wasn't out of line. I think they're fun - if you got it, flaunt it, you know? :-)