Thursday, March 02, 2006

Greater eavesdropping authority for Texas like giving Barney Fife a second bullet

"On hearing that Gov. Rick Perry wants to expand the state's wiretapping power, supposedly to better fight terrorism and secure our border, shivers ran down my spine," wrote columnist Bob Ray Sanders in the Fort Worth Star Telegram yesterday ("Texas leaders' priorities are seriously misplaced," March 1).

"With all due respect to the late Don Knotts, who was one of my favorite comic actors, to give officials here more authority to wiretap people would be like giving Deputy Barney Fife a second bullet. And letting him put both in his pistol at the same time."

Hee hee. Wish I'd come up with that line.

Grits has argued previously that law enforcement has all the wiretapping tools it needs to combat border violence.

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