Thursday, March 30, 2006

Egg sucking dog

Do y'all remember this Johnny Cash tune?
Egg sucking dog,
I'm gonna stomp your head in the ground
If you don't stop eating my chickens
You dirty old egg sucking hound.
One of the neighbor's chickens got into my yard this afternoon and my two pit-bull puppies, I'm afraid, did what came natural. Ooops. The younger of the two, Domino, appeared to have been the main culprit

That's right, just to feed as much as possible into the national stereotype of Texans, I did indeed say my "neighbor's chickens" - and I live less than a mile and a half from the Texas state capitol building. You've gotta love Austin, unless, I suppose, you're an overadventurous urban chicken trying to take on a pit bull. That's like the poor fellow who brings a knife to a gunfight.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad to hear a innocent chicken pass away but there is always a positive......under a livestock registration bill signed into law last session, the owner of any livestock animal including a chicken would have to pay a fee to have an individual animal identification number. So now, the owner of that chicken will no longer have to pay a fee to register it with the state. Talk about a cost saving measure.

Catonya said...

oh no. hope the neighbors aren't too upset. :s

At one point, when I was still in Wichita Falls, a task force officer and his family moved into the rent house across the street. I had a wood screen door, like the old ones, on the front door. ie. doesn't latch.

Sitting outside one day (big pregnant), enjoying the weather, when Mr. Task Force's cat strolls across my front porch - Rex was out the door and on the cat like a shot. I'm sure you can picture big pregnant me chasing them both around the front yard, trying to rescue the cat (which didn't survive).

It was horrible- and I don't think it helped our ranking on the 'favorite people' list.

They moved shortly after.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I am indeed a pit bull owner, but there wasn't much choice in the matter. All three of my dogs came to me my same way - hand-me-ups from my daughter. She gets a dog or a boyfriend strands her with one (Domnio), then Mom and Dad wind up with the dog when she couldn't care for it. They're really good dogs, though - less trouble than the daughter! Hard to blame a hound for chicken killing in his own yard.

Cat, I assume that's the same Rex who I last saw photographed wearing pearls? He didn't seem the type. ;-)

The neighbors not only weren't upset, they were quite cavalier about it and gave Kathy a dozen fresh eggs upon departure - most are different shades of brown, but three of them are a cool green color - I'm thinking they should be served with ham.

Anonymous said...

As a former cat monitor (I can't say owner; nobody really owns a cat) I am saddened to hear about that cat's sorry ending, but dogs are oppotunistic predators (as are cats) and anything smaller than them is fair game.

Needless to say, one of mine got out once, and I was lucky to get her back in before big, dumb, friendly Rufus the neighbor's Yellow Lab found her first. Rufus loved everybody and everything, and would probably have licked her to death, but Bits had been savaged by dogs before we got her, and would freak and run under the bed when she heard a dog bark.

Pets remind us not to take ourselves too seriously; their passing always takes a chunk out of your heart.