Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vote in the Koufax Awards

Primaries, shmimaries. Let's focus instead on the really important vote: Over at Wampum, polls are now open for the 2005 Fourth Annual Koufax Awards, which honor the best blogs on the left. (The award is named after renowned southpaw pitcher Sandy Koufax.) Rush over now to check out the wonderful array of bloggy goodness nominated this time around.

Last year Grits for Breakfast was thrilled to share the award for Best Single Issue Blog with the estimable Talk Left, one of the blogosphere's big guns and best daily reads.
This year Grits has been nominated again for
Best Single Issue Blog and in a new category, Best State or Local Blog. Competition is stiff in both areas, but I'd appreciate your support.

You can only vote once and for one blog in each category. The current round of voting picks finalists for the awards. After the field has been narrowed, there will be one more round to choose the winners.

Voting is easy: Just leave a comment that says "Grits for Breakfast" here for Best Single Issue blog and here for Best State and Local. (Scroll to the bottom to post and be patient - the pages seem to be taking a while to load.) Or if you'd like your ballot to be secret, e-mail Dwight or Mary Beth with your vote - be sure to tell them which categories you're voting in.

Texas was well-represented among bloggers honored with nominations in Best State and Local Blog including Burnt Orange Report, Dos Centavos, In the Pink Texas, The Jeffersonian, Off the Kuff, The People's Republic of Seabrook, Pink Dome, the Red State, Texas Civil Rights Review, and Yellow Doggerel Democrat. I also notice that Pete at Drug War Rant garnered a nomination for Best Single Issue Blog. Congrats and good luck to all, though of course y'all know who you're supposed to vote for!


Anonymous said...

Quite Frankly;

I was the victim of a Talk Left article that was unequivocally false. There was no follow up past the schock value of the orginal article and even when I told them it was false, the demurred.

So is winning the Koufax award just reporting one side and not reporting the other.

I know, you'll say write them and tell them the other side. Been there, did that, but they already won the award.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if that is true and I don't recall it, write me again. Out of 13,500 blog posts, you are the only person to make this allegation and this is the first time I'm learning of it. Send me the post and the information that demonstrates it's false and if you're right, I'll make the correction with an apology.

Jeralyn at talkleft

Anonymous said...

Ah hem... The Red State got nominated for Best or Local Blog too. You are just trying to supress the vote. Aren't you Scott?!?!

Yeah... just kidding...

Anonymous said...

"Send me the post and the information that demonstrates it's false and if you're right, I'll make the correction with an apology."

"Jeralyn at talkleft"

Give me the address and give me at least until the middle of April to get you my records. I am currently out of state and won't be back to where I live until April 15, 2006.

I'll send it then. Thanks

Gritsforbreakfast said...


Sorry, I missed that, Eddie, I've added it!

And anonymous, email jeralyn at talkleft@aol.com.