Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good question: What were they thinking?

"Why did Kevin Wilson spend 20 hours behind bars for a bottle of water?," asks Isiah Carey. Good question! Two Houston police officers responsible were reassigned, Carey reports in an update to his Fox News story. Wilson filed complaints against the officers and is suing the department store Dillards where they worked off duty providing security.

On PBS' weekly news show Washington Week, moderator Gwen Ifill will occasionally ask viewers to suggest "What were they thinking?" regarding some inexplicable act or statement by this or that Washington pol. That's the question I keep coming back to here. Watch the TV story and you tell me: What were they thinking? What could possibly explain this incident besides straight-up racial profiling?

Meanwhile, perhaps reporters should ask Mr. Wilson his opinion about why the Harris County Jail is full.


elvez1975 said...

How about spending 400 days in jail for spitting on the sidewalk???

Katrina troubles

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Good thing a hurricane didn't hit while Mr. Wilson was in jail!


Hahaha can we all try this who split has to clean all the waste of road side is it great idea?