Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Iconoclast calls for "Safer Deals"

Thanks to past Grits guest-blogger Rev. Alan Bean for pointing out a remarkable series of news reports critiquing the drug war from many perspectives in the current issue of the Lone Star Iconoclast, the local newspaper in Crawford, TX. Bean and his lovely wife Nancy were highlighted in the article on "The Pastors." Check out the whole series:


The Iconoclast made headlines and angered some of its readers when the paper endorsed John Kerry for President in 2004 from the shadow of President Bush's Crawford ranch. These articles might shake up the locals further, one would imagine. It's an impressive set of features for a small-town paper - opinionated, but well worth reading. Good job, folks!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the links, EXCELLENT articles and information! The more people talking the truth, the less the standard propaganda of this failed policy will work!!!

Anonymous said...

800 pounder,

There you go again, using common sense and the truth! WELL DONE!!