Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Madden: High confidence probation bills will pass

Will Lutz over at DallasBlog caught up with Texas House Corrections Committee Chairman Jerry Madden to ask him about Texas' overincarceration crisis. On the probation bill vetoed last session by Gov. Perry, Maden predicted:
I have a high degree of confidence that we will have a fairly major probation bill. In fact, we may have two or three, because we're also looking at the probation funding formulas. And that's a very tough subject in terms of how much money goes to what probation department. And we'll probably also put the drug court recommendations in a separate bill. So we'll probably end up with three important bills, versus one really big bill.
Read the whole interview.

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Unknown said...

I have no doubt that this will be if passed a great relief to may counties, county's such as Dallas have been very open about the need for probation funding and reform. As for other county's whom apparently think they should put up a front, bury their head in the sand and use the do more with less attitude.