Thursday, December 14, 2006

Winnsboro, TX: Illegal drug capital of the universe?

Is it really possible more than 1.6% of the population in tiny Winnsboro, Texas (pop. 3,600) are drug dealers?

You'd think so to listen to the new chief of the police department after undercover drug stings netted more than 60 people in the last six months, according to local TV news reports. In the story, the chief portrays everyone charged as "dealing drugs," but in the specific cases discussed the charges were mere possession.

There's just no way a town that size could support that many folks selling drugs. That would make Winnsboro, TX the illegal drug capital of the universe!

Here's an instance where police are clearly drilling down much deeper than just "dealers" to bust low-level users in large numbers. "I'm very delighted, and very proud of what they are doing," said Winnsboro Mayor Carolyn Jones. "We are not welcoming these people that are doing drugs, selling drugs and if they don't want to be caught they better watch out." Such politicized bluster needlessly fills up local jails and prisons and doesn't make the public safer, but it sure makes for good headlines.


AustinDefense said...

There are plenty of towns with even larger percentages of drug dealers

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

No way, man, Winnsboro beats Tulia by a country mile!

Tulia has about 5,000 people and busted 46. Winnsboro has 3,600 people and busted more than 60, and counting.

It's like a friggin' redneck Bogota!

elvez1975 said...

What about Edna? That place is a den of drug dealing too.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Ah, Edna. My paternal grandfather's family hailed from there. Good try, my friend, but I'm afraid they still don't make the cut. Wikipedia said Edna had 5,899 people in 2000, and that bust netted merely 29.

And before some long-time reader mentions Palestine, where they arrested 72, that happened in a much bigger town with nearly 20,000 people.

Winnsboro looks to me to be in a class by itself, statistically speaking: Imagine 60 arrests in a town the size of a 5A high school - that's basically what happened in Winnsboro over the last six months.

And they're promising more to come, with the Mayor rooting them on like a giddy cheerleader, no less.

Anonymous said...

I live about 20 miles from winnsboro and it seems there is a horrible snitch mentality and the system is intimidating individuals into setting up more folks;all in the name of headcount's.its a shame that generations from now that area will be suffering because of the injustices being perpetrated by the very institutions that are supposed to be prtecting them.

Anonymous said...

Anectodal but right on;

I know I've used it before but watch the Wire.

There's the corner boys and their workers. Their the ones who sell most of the drugs to the users.

Then there's Marlowe Stanfield. He holds court in an open area. He has Chris and Snoop enforcing their rules. Marlowe never touches the drugs and neither do Chris or Snoop.

Marlowe never uses the phones and when he does he gets rid of them quickly. Can't tap phones, cameras don't work, bugs planted get taken so who does that leave besides the corner boys and the users to arrest.

Even if you did make a case on Marlowe, look who'd be testifying against him in court.

This roundup mentality has everyone believing that something's being done about the problem even if Violence and drug availability are at all time highs.

Next time you watch the Wire, if you do, focus on the violence, drug availability, and the effect on either one of locking up Body, his crew, and all of the other corner boys.

Anonymous said...

Yes but to defend the mayor and police chief and let you know the mentality here: The fearless leader of the local newspaper is far right he is out there by Jupiter. He believes that coal fired plants are good for you and the economy, he hates tree huggers like Mayor of Dallas Laura Miller, one of the authorities that he uses to base a lot of his stand is "I also lived in NYC when I worked with all those lefties and of course the coup de gras "Well Rush Limbaugh says...." Now if Rush can come out of his prescription drug induced coma long enough to say anything it just must be. I must end this in the traditional southern way "Well you know, bless there hearts..."
The good thing is the general population doesn't listen to all the hate some of these people spew.

Anonymous said...

I live in Winnsboro and the drug problem here IS AWFUL!!! But so is every other town. The problem here is that the kids grow up to do drugs because they have nothing to do. Skateboarding is popular now but on every corner and inbetween you will see a "No skateboarding" sign!They closed the skating rink. We have to drive over 30 miles to see a movie. And the game rooms never last very long. The junkies are looked down on before they are ever offered any help. We have a womens rehab but the neighbors grip. They don't want drugs in our town but they don't want to help people get off of drugs. I used to be on them too and I did my time. Now I try to help others. If they want to start busting, they shold look the upper class people. There are alot more people involved in this than just the junkies you can recognize in a crowd.

Anonymous said...

i was looking into buying and reopening the skating rink but i am not sure if there is enough need for one out there reply if any one out there is interested in getting the children something to do out there in winnsboro and the local towns

Anonymous said...

Winnsboro Texas is a corrupt town from top to bottom. They cannot solve their drug problems because the authorities always look the other way when the Winnsboro elite are involved in criminal activity.

The best way to clean up this town is to hope for an F5 tornado to level the place.

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of Winnsboro, Tx. corrupt police dept. and the Winnsboro Housing Authority !!! I have lived here 8 yrs. with no violations ; but just received my 3rd vacate notice ( eviction)all because i filed a "fair housing complant " !!!! I am about to be homeless all because i have made fools of them and their stupid attorney forgot to give me a VACATE NOTICE on ROUND TWO in court the 1st and 2nd attempt to get rid of me ,,,,,????? You don't have to do ANYTHING WRONG in WINNSBORO , TEXAS to get RAILROADED !!!!! THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CORRUPT !!! I WAS BORN AND RAISED HERE !!!" GOOD 'OLE BUDDY SYSTEM " @ WORK !!!!!!! I lived in Dallas , Tx for 30 yrs. I cane home to retire ,,,,,WORST MISTAKE I EVER MADE :( THEY ALL HAVE " SOMETHING ON EACH OTHER " AND YOU CAN'T FIGHT THEM ALL ; AND THEY KNOW IT !!!! IT IS REALLY BAD HERE !!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE SENIOR CITIZENS ; THEY ARE CONSIDERED " DISPOSABLE " :(

Anonymous said...

I also agree Winnsboro is corupt!! They probably planted drugs on more than half those people! I know thats how they tried to get me. They care nothing about the people there its their way or the highway or should i say jail