Thursday, January 11, 2007

Designating Friona as the "Cheeseburger Capital of Texas"?

Another off topic post, though I promise not to make it a habit:

You can go to the capitol website and click on almost any legislator's name to find something this silly, but I happened to check Pampa Rep. Warren Chisum's bills and couldn't help but notice HCR 25, the purpose of which is described in the title of this blog post.

Does anybody really believe that Friona is the Cheeseburger Capital of Texas? This is quite a meat-loving state, and I'd imagine bestowing that moniker might be a matter of some controversy among a certain grill-happy subset of the population.

Anybody got other nominees for "Best Cheeseburger" outside Friona? Let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: Note Friona, but Athens, says Betty Brown.


Anonymous said...

Herds Burger, Jacksboro, TX. Mmmmm.

John D. McLauchlan said...

Bolo ties, cheeseburger capitals, and HCR 30-naming the Texas blind salamander the state amphibian. Some people just don't have enough to do, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Chris Madrid's in San Antonio

Anonymous said...

This designation actually has more to do with the fact that Friona has more cattle per square mile than basically any other area in Texas...hence cheeseburgers capital.

Anonymous said...

Well, we used to get good cheeseburgers at the little burger place on main st. Gads, I left three days after graduation in 1967 and can't remember the names.