Friday, January 19, 2007

This is not journalism: Recapping Grits coverage of Texas criminal justice committees' interim reports

The Texas Legislature has adjourned until Monday. With the politicians gone and the freeze momentarily lifted, Austin almost seems to be breathing a collective sigh of relief. Or maybe it's dread. In any event, it's a welcome and unexpected pause in capitol action.

On such a day, perhaps it's a nice opportunity to review the major issues on criminal justice that face the Legislature when it returns on Monday. So with apologies to Kimberly Reeves for the headline, I wanted to recap Grits' recent analyses of interim reports from Texas standing legislative committees on criminal justice issues facing the 80th Texas Legislature:

TDCJ Sunset Advisory Commission Report
Senate Criminal Justice Committee
House Corrections Committee
See also Grits' coverage of an instructive House Corrections Committee interim hearing in March:
House Criminal Jurisprudence Commitee
House Law Enforcement Committee
Senate Transportation and Homeland Security
House Judiciary Committee
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Anonymous said...

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Thank you