Monday, January 29, 2007

Joint House/Senate Committee hearing promises to reveal prison alternatives

Tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m., the Texas House Corrections and Senate Criminal Justice Committees will hold a rare joint meeting to discuss Chairmans Madden and Whitmire's proposal to avoid building new maximum security prisons.

The stakes for the hearing definitely jumped up a notch or three last week after Lt. Gov. Dewhurst's endorsement of more prison building. One would expect the two chairman to query agency staff about some of Gov. Dewhurst's odd assumptions.

Heading into that hearing, I wanted to recap Grits' recent analyses of interim reports from these two committees and the Sunset Advisory Commission on the major criminal justice issues facing the 80th Texas Legislature:

TDCJ Sunset Advisory Commission Report
Senate Criminal Justice Committee
House Corrections Committee
See also Grits' coverage of an instructive House Corrections Committee interim hearing in March:

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