Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More prisons not needed for sex offenders - drug laws drive incarceration growth

Writes past Grits guest blogger Marc Levin of the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation in today's Austin Statesman:
No Texan should be fooled into thinking that we need more prisons to keep up with population growth or lock up sex offenders. The real question is whether we need more prisons to lock up more nonviolent drug offenders.
Bingo - good stuff, Marc! Definitely read the rest.

Levin backs SB 1909 as an alternative approach, which he says would "sentence nonviolent drug addicts to community-based treatment instead of prison." The bill was voted favorably from the Senate Criminal Justice Committee yesterday. See this Grits preview of the committee hearing (SB 1909 is the last bill discussed) and also prior Grits coverage of Levin's work on overincarceration.

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Anonymous said...

I love Jerry Madden. He is the sweetest most thoughtful man I have ever corresponded with. He really thinks through any bill he presents then gives everyone time to think them over to. Not many do that, Terri Hodge or Delisi for example. How can anyone write such stupid bills and expect them to get passed?

If all Representatives and Senators were as honest and as caring as Jerry Madden and Sen. John Whitmire, then the House and Senate would run smoother and there would not be stupid bills that continue to come out and expect to be passed.

I am sure Rep Madden will figure out who wrote this, but I do think he is a sweetheart.