Thursday, April 19, 2007

TYC to fire 66 employees with felonies; 400 with misdemeanors await news of fate

This just isn't right - now we're taking out the Texas Youth Commission's problems on people who had nothing to do with the scandals that first placed the agency under the microscope.

A saddened, long-time TYC employee who will apparently be fired under the new policy forwards me the news, as revealed in this morning's Austin Statesman ("Firing of felons from Youth Commission resumes," April 19), that the new administration will fire everyone at the agency with felony convictions, no matter what they are or how long ago they occured.

Original estimates of the number of ex-felons employed at TYC were over 100, but somehow that number has now declined to 66, says the Statesman. Another 400 or so have Class A or B misdemeanors, which employees were recently required to report - Kimbrough has said he's not yet made a decision whether they'll get to keep their jobs.

This is an example of pols desperate to appear as though they've done SOMETHING, regardless of whether it helps or has anything to do with the described problem. What happened out in West Texas was horrible, but these 66 had nothing to do with it. What's more, those who allegedly did something wrong didn't have felony convictions, so they wouldn't have been affected by this policy.

The Statesman reported that "employees will continue to get pay and benefits for 30 days and have a right to appeal the terminations to the State Office of Administrative Hearings."

This makes no sense except as a PR stunt. TYC already can't hire or retain employees - why fire dozens who didn't do anything wrong? All this does is worsen morale and exacerbate staffing problems, which are the root cause in the recent rise in abuse rates, making kids less safe.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked Owen's or Kimbrough's records? I hope everyone is standing and screaming loud and clear (or at least doing it on email) to the legislators! I wonder how many of the legislators would be able to work in TYC with this new policy in place? They can run our government and our lives but may not even be able to work a picket in TYC?

Anonymous said...

That's just so horrible what he is doing to these people. Lets get the e-mail campaign going fellas... looks like 400 plus need our help. What was the bill filed that said only child abusers need the axe?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Kimbrough and Mr. Owens,
Is targeting someone who committed a crime 40 years ago and has led a good life since more important to focus on that the people still in place and still being paid by TYC who were part of this cover up? MANY people who actively participated in the cover up(and many more other cases) of the abuse, neglect and harm of children are still there. You know who they are. Last I checked, failing to act to protect a child in your care is a felony. Failing to report the wrong doing of others (those close to the people in charge who knew no actions were being taken but did not report this to law enforcement) are as well. Why are you allowing them to stay in the agency and cash their checks?

TJDO said...

Seems pretty CS, doesn't it. Heck, I could have a felony record and be governor.

Anonymous said...

update: they just released Don Brantley, head of Juvenile Corrections (who just got here), Dr. Corrine Sanders, Larry Rue, Pat Logterman, and Kerry Davidson, former chif of staff reduced to deputy chief of staff, and then terminated. She'd been with us maybe 5 months?

Anonymous said...

Are those TYC people? What did they do?

Anonymous said...

From the Dallas paper:
AUSTIN - Five high-level Texas Youth Commission employees have been forced out of their jobs as part of the continuing shakeup at the agency, officials said Thursday.
Four top executives resigned: Corinne Alvarez-Sanders, the assistant deputy executive director for rehabilitative services; Kerri Davidson, the agency’s chief of staff; Patricia Logterman, director of treatment and case management; and Larry Reue, manager of treatment services. Agency officials began the process Thursday to fire the fifth, Don Brantley, the assistant deputy executive director for juvenile corrections. He did not agree to resign.
Jim Hurley, spokesman for the agency, said the decision was not made by conservator Jay Kimbrough, but by new top officials, including Executive Director Ed Owens.
“This agency is headed in a new direction, and there are going to be obstacles we need to overcome,” Mr. Hurley said. “This was a new management team decision.”
Agency officials have acknowledged that Mr. Kimbrough’s high-powered team, brought in to overhaul the agency quickly in the wake of a sexual-abuse scandal, have often clashed with longtime employees concerned that changes were being made too fast and without consideration of unintended consequences.

Whitsfoe said...

"Impeding progress" is why they were let go. They were brave enough to stand up and debate the issues, and thus were “impeding progress.” That's dangerous thinking. We should be allowed to debate issues, otherwise we go into "group think" mode and there goes the creativity. These people don't know what they're doing and this crap will bite them in the ass later on. They just don't care. Dr. Brantley wasn’t even there a year. Kerri Davidson – five months. Both busted their ass on this rehabilitation plan, working 14-16 hours a day, seven days a week. Kind of sounds like our JCO’s, so no sympathy there; however, if I had a JCO busting his ass like that, I wouldn’t just dismiss him summarily with no cause. He/she would fight that and win… just like they will.

integrity counts said...

God help us all! Now they are getting rid of the people with integrity that know something about how to treat kids. You can't have it both ways. I understand that someone has to make changes, but TYC is not TDCJ. The youth in our care cannot adjust to changes as quickly as they can as adults. Even the older ones have skill deficits that make their maturity level about 13 yoa. So, you have people telling you this and the turmoil that will occur if you progress that quickly. It was not that they were not supportive of change, but that it was the way it was being done and their understanding of the youth system that made their issues relevant. Now all CO employees have a meeting at 11:30am tomorrow. They have been talking about the former administration and the fact that people were in fear to speak up. Well, it doesn't look like it has changed with the new administration. Before you were afraid of being blackballed, now you are afraid of being fired. Don't get me wrong, I welcome some of the changes, but come on - you just pushed out the door people that could have helped you do it. Now it will be a free for all with people in place that have no idea what their actions will cause for those of us here in the field. Oh, by the way, they still aren't talking to us!

Anonymous said...

"Ultimately, the lawmakers let Kimbrough fire all of them."

I would like to know the names of the law makers who told Kimbrough to fire all of the people with felony records. They need to come out in the open and not hide in back of Jay Kimbrough if they even exist.

MSM should be asking this question tomorrow when Central Office opens. Lets all be accountable for our actions! I want to know which law makers are in fact law breakers (TX Human Resources Code 61.035).

Anthony Mikulastik

The Gunn said...

Grits, how many signatures would it require on a petition to have the entire Texas Legislature (and their staff)to have to undergo a full scale and complete criminal background check in both chambers as well as the Governor himself (and his staff) and make it mandatory for immediate public disclosure? How would we start this process? I'm clueless in this area but you or someone else might know. Please advise.

"Chuy" said...

Honestly folks I believe we all want change after the West Texas fisaco but change for change sake is not the answer. Lets look at this issue honestly with clear eyes; Ed Owens posted the Inspector General position on the website for two weeks and allowed folks to apply then they announce that a current TDCJ staff (IG Dept) would be hired. Last time I checked we have labor laws and when you post a position and then appoint a person (even though I am sure he is qualified) smells bad. Ed Owens brings his Chief of Staff with him to TYC and she is calling the shots not Ed, and these high ranking positions will be filled with TDCJ folks that do not have to apply but will be appointed, once again under what authority. Could it be that TDCJ will be the next agency that gets reviewed and they are ducking for cover before they are sent home packing and TYC is the place to hide? I keep hoping that someone will look at this critically and ask some questions and hopefully get some straight answers, even though Jay is the "Conserverator" he will be riding into the sunset soon and someone (TYC staff) will be held accountable for these actions and left to clean up the mess and those of us who are lucky (hopefully) will have to start at square one. Lastly, why would anyone take the upper brass at TDCJ and bring them over to TYC and expect them to do an adequate job, do you honestly think TDCJ is in great shape, if you do you must be an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This continues to make me sick...while not a TYC employee, I am related to one and hear the 'real deal' as to what is going on. Folks, if you want a change, you're going to have to write your legislator and let them know that this is unacceptable.

To readdress the point made earlier, how many of our legislators have misdemeaner and felony convictions? I'd be curious to see if Mr. Kimbrough has a DWI in his past -- just a thought. I find that when people go after a group with a vengeance, it's often a projection of their own failings.

This will not be stopped unless the public outcry becomes louder and more frequent. It pains me to see an agency, with admitted flaws, be reduced to a 2 ring circus -- mr. owens' ring and mr. kimbrough's ring.

Interestingly enough -- as an aside- the former Deputy Gen. Counsel, Neil Nichols, made well over 100k and his job is now posted at 80k. I suspect, they are getting rid of the higher priced employees...

Anonymous said...

As far as treatment and juvenile corrections programming, I do not believe they will be bringing in only TDCJ folks. Maybe at first, in the short term, because they don't have a choice - now that they've chopped off it's head, somebody has to control the beast!

But really, in the long term, I feel like TYC will be looking out of state. Missouri and Ohio have both already been consulted, so...

This whole transformation is indicative of the pendulum swing BACK to a rehabilitation-focused concept, away from the punitive. Release tons of kids. More community programming. Less stringent rules. etc......

They are doing focus groups with kids, surveying parents, bringing in outside advocacy groups to look at programs and policies.

I just can't see how bringing in nothing but ADULT CORRECTIONS staff from the PRISON system is going to facilitate this swing, which is ultimately being driven by the politicians.

I was expecting the termination of Dr. Sanders - she pretty much did everything but give the new leadership the finger. No comment on the other treatment folks.

Dr. Brantley's termination just SUCKS. He was the best thing that had happened to that department in a while - someone in corrections that was smart, competent, respected, and thought outside the box - he just couldn't play this game very well. You can be all those things, but if you don't like or respect someone, and you are unable to keep that fact off your face or out of your voice when dealing with the dynamics of this kind of situation, well, then, you are probably going to be pegged as an 'obstacle that needs to be overcome'.

And that just really makes me sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Wrongful dismissal attorneys must surely be drooling at the thought of the amount of money that stands to be made from settlements and judgments against the state stemming from these arbitrary firings.

One wonders if Kimbrough et al are oblivious to the litigation that Texas will face as a result of this fiasco. Or, as I suspect, Kimbrough knows that by the time Texas is writing checks to these soon-to-be ex-employees, he will likely be safely embedded as a "special master", er, hatchet man, er, conservator at another state agency, fantastically effing things up along with the rest of his unemployable-in-the-private-sector Aggies-r-us gang.

whitsfoe said...

Kimbrough needs to address the issues directly with employees. He may tout the fact he's a marine and one tough bastrad, but let him come tomorrrow @ 11;30 and let's see his vote of confidence. He is a chicken shit.

"hey Jay, come tomorrow. You are a chicken shit if you don't address the forum. Come ready to run..."

Anonymous said...

Kimbrough and Owens are both chicken shit, that is why Ms. Pope was brought along with Owens from TDCJ (Special Counsel) to do the dirty work (Hatchet)at TYC and because Owens has no creditability (is own sex scandal issue with TDCJ). The meeting tomorrow at 11:30am at Central Office will amount to nothing, trust me, in an open forum they will not put themselves out there (now if Owens was by himself, probably) but as long as he has someone to speak for him (Pope) he wont cross the line. I'll be there waiting for this direction they will provide for us but I will leave shaking my head knowing that they are ill equipped to provide direction and focus to an agency that desperately needs it.
GRITS why don't you show up it could become interesting and you can see for yourself the joke we have become under this leadership.

dwts said...

The new rule isn't just actual convictions - it includes deferred ajudications, which means the people involved have "followed the rules" for a certain period of time and thereby had the charge against them DISMISSED by the court. If your case is dismissed, you do not have a conviction. Somebody ask them for the number of actual convictions. Somebody ask them for the number of convictions within the past five years. Somebody ask them how many HOURS there were between JK saying he was reconsidering the rules and the agency publishing the same rule. Somebody ask them if they know the meaning of the word rehabilitation (fyi - the mission of TYC is to pursue the rehabilitation of the youth committed to its care.)

Anonymous said...

Pope and Owens are are both ruthless and want their own little Austin .......I don't work at TYC but i work in the building and i see how unhappy the TYC employees are and I pass Owens and Pope all the time outside and they think their shit don't stink....go back to HUNTSVILLE and leave TYC alone....well GOD don't like ugly!

Anonymous said...

Here is what I am going to be sorely disappointed with if it happens tomorrow- if everyone at that meeting, as pissed and disgusted as you are- wind up saying nothing. Are you going to say what you feel or sit with your mouths closed in the fear of being fired as well? You either take a stand and stick with it despite the worst case senario or you keep your mouth shut. If your mouth stays shut, you lose your right to come on here and complain. You have the chance to say something tomorrow- so say it. If you don't stand for something then you stand for nothing. And before any of you jump back and ask if I would- you damn right I would. I have in the past and it has cost me my job. I would do it again in a heartbeat because I slept wonderful that night and every night after that knowing I didn't cave in. It's worth it.

Anonymous said...

its quite easy to state one's frustrations in a pseudo-anonymous forum, but really, this should be a call to action for each of you.

Do something. Write your legislator (and copy Shapleigh from El Paso, who is the lone voice saying its all moving too quickly)

Write Owens -- stand up for your colleagues! Write Emily Ramshaw at the Dallas Morning News who's byline is everywhere -- tell her that you are sending letters en masse to your legislators and tell her which ones -- make this a newsworthy event.

Take a stand...what have you got to lose? Your jobs? No one is safe at that organization so you all are going to have to make this happen -- Gahndi says "be the change you wish to see in the world"

Anonymous said...

You all are honestly saying that being angry at co-workers being fired and thinking your 'bosses' are making some stupid decisions is always, without a doubt, unquestionably worth the risk of no longer being able to support your family??

Look, I'm as pissed off as the next person. But I have a wife, a child in college, two more in high school, a mortgage, etc.

My stand is that my primary responsibility is and will remain to my family, not the people or organization I work for. My family agrees. If I feel it has become too much for me to handle, I will leave. Hell, I might even give myself a going-away party out of spite.

But I have every right to come here or elsewhere to bitch anonymously about things I don't like. Much like during football season and American Idol. That's what the internet is for, dammit.

Nobody looks good wearing self-righteousness. Well, that chick that was in North Country kinda did.

That being said, if someone DOES take the plunge and flip out on them tomorrow, that will be awesome.

integrity counts said...

I understand that some CO employees were very upset yesterday at the news of the forced removal of your co-workers and supervisors. As a result of that, you were in the foyer of the building crying and attempting to process through the issue when the new executive administration sent down their bouncers from TDCJ to make you move on and stop congregating. Remember that it is easier for them to control you when they isolate you. Pull together, they cannot force you to not have emotions nor communicate freely outside of that building. If any of you are getting together, let us in the field know so that we can come. It is worth the trip.

soooo outta there said...

I bet this meeting is supposed to be a little cuddle and talk. You know, the kind you do after you f*#$ an agency up.

I can just see it now... in tomorrow's meeting someone speaks their mind and tells Bimbough and EiEiO that yes, indeed their excrement does have an offensive odor. Officers will be on hand, disorderly conduct charges will be made, and wait a minute... that is a misdemeanor! So long educated, dedicated, career TYC employee.

I don't know what is worse at this point: being fired or being left to work for these McCarthyistic A-holes. For the scared-into-submission employees left it's like washing windows when you know that there are pigeons on the roof. Hang in there. What comes around goes around.

Anonymous said...

The bio of special master Jay Kimbrough

NAME: Jay Kimbrough.
AGE/BIRTH DATE: 59; Sept. 21, 1947.
EDUCATION: Bachelor of business administration, Southern Methodist University; law degree, South Texas College of Law.
CAREER: Joined the Marine Corps in 1966; Awarded the Purple Heart for his service during Vietnam; Served as a prosecutor in the U.S. Navy's Judge Advocate General's Corps; Served as director of the criminal justice division in the governor's office and in a variety of roles in federal, state and local government since 1966.
QUOTE: "I joined the Marine Corps in 1966 when I was 18. I was 19 when I got shot. I was 21 when I got out. I am beholden to no man, and no woman, anywhere. I am a public servant who is here to serve."

For those of you who would like to contact Mr. Jay Kimbrough directly he can be reached at;

Jay T. Kimbrough
13199 FM ROAD 2446
Franklin, TX 77856

Anonymous said...

Wasn't he fired from the AGs office for compromising an investigation?

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE PLEASE TAPE RECORD THAT MEETING!!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! They may not have time to read this- if you know someone in Central Office or are going, TELL SOMEONE TO RECORD IT!!!!

Anonymous said...

You can be President and have a felony record. This is horrible and whoever is behind firing everyone with a past felony record that should have been removed from his record years ago, should have their heads examined. They should have to air their records, Mr. Kimbrough and especially Mr.Owens. We all pretty well know about Mr. Owens and Mr. Perry, get a real job and stop trying to play God. You are not perfect by any means. You are not supposed to fill positions with friends, just because they are friends, they should be qualified for the job. It appears you are trying to become a dictator, stop playing with peoples lives and watch how you live your own. Everyone will pay their just dues when the Lord returns.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to read substitute HB 2884...deep into section 25 and section 33 (next to last page). Already passed in committee to the house and will be voted on any day. Write, call and contact your rep. your sen. and the govenor. He is the saving grace. He must not sign but veto it and CB103

Anonymous said...

1:21- where did you find that bill? Do you have link or something? What does it say?

Anonymous said...

Is the meeting in Central Office still going on?? Does anyone know anything?

Anonymous said...

HB 2884 SECTION 25. Subchapter C, Chapter 61, Human Resources Code, is amended by adding Sections 61.055 and 61.056 to read as follows:
Sec. 61.055. MAXIMUM CAPACITY. (a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), the total maximum capacity for residential facilities, including halfway houses, operated by or under contract with the commission is 3,000.
(b) Subject to the approval of the governor, the commission may confine more than 3,000 children in residential facilities operated by or under contract with the commission if the commission determines that the number of children committed to the commission who are in need of placement in residential facilities exceeds 3,000.
Sec. 61.056. RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES. (a) To ensure that a child committed to the commission is confined in a residential facility located in or near the county in which the child resides, the commission:
(1) shall operate one or more community-based residential facilities in each county in this state that has a population of at least 600,000; and
(2) may operate a community-based residential facility in any other county.
(b) Notwithstanding other law, the commission may confine a child committed to the commission only in a community-based residential facility described by Subsection (a).
(c) Except as otherwise provided by this subsection, the commission may confine a child committed to the commission only in a residential facility that is located in the county in which the child resides. A child committed to the commission who resides in a county in which the commission does not operate a residential facility may be confined only in the residential facility that is nearest to the county in which the child resides.
(d) The commission may not confine more than 100 children in any residential facility operated by or under contract with the commission.
(e) Not later than September 1, 2008, the commission shall transfer to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice any residential facility designed to house more than 100 children that is owned by this state and operated by or under contract with the commission. This subsection expires October 1, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that the person who wrote the bill was arrested last night (see report KXAN News) for DWI. Is this a class A or B, and would this disqualify him for a job with TYC but okay to write Bills like 2884??

Anonymous said...

A state representative was stopped by the Austin Police Department Thursday night for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Officers stopped State Rep. Harold Dutton Thursday night, according to the arrest affidavit. The officer says Dutton had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, and he failed a field sobriety test.

Dutton is a Democrat from Houston. He is the chairman of the House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee.

This session, Dutton sponsored a bill to add new restrictions to the hours that businesses can sell alcoholic beverages.

KXAN will have more on this developing story on KXAN news at 6 p.m.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard at the arrest I can barely sit in my chair. I just love sweet justice.

Anonymous said...

Ok- so what happened at the TYC Central Office meeting? By the silence so far, I guess everyone was told to stay off Grits.

Anonymous said...

No Ed Owens, No Jay Kimbrough and threats by Ms. Pope. This TYC story is not even close to being over

Anonymous said...

Harold Dutton would be a great fit for TYC sign him up. Oh wait a second he just got arrested for a class B...I guess he can't work for the state..

Anonymous said...

7:34- What was said? Who was she threatening?

Anonymous said...

No Jay or Ed at this meeting? I thought this was the big come to God meeting? This must mean Ms. Pope is the one in charge of all the decisions coming out of Austin. Does anybody know why she left TDCJ? This really makes me think Jay is out at the end of May and Ed is just holding on til retirement (I heard fall). Did Ms. Pope fire the last ones (face to face) or send somebody else (eric young)?

Anonymous said...

Email to be sent to all TYC Central Office employees Monday morning from Jay Kimbrough:

Dear Employees,

It with deepest regret that Mr. Owens and I could not make it to the meeting on Friday (giggle, hell they knew it was Friday and we had to make the T-time on the greens with the Gov.).
We both have your concerns and feelings as the highest priority right now (Jay and Ed are on the floor laughing- Jay is reduced to typing with one finger because he can't sit upright).
We understand that you may not comprehend the changes we are making or the reasons for terminating some fellow employees (Jay and Ed pull wads of money out of their pockets and add another $1.00 to the betting pool list as to who Pope fires next).
We assure you that we have the best interest of TYC, you and the students in mind with the new policies we are putting in place (policy 54.328 will now require that all Administrator's offices will have stripper poles and mini bars installed).
Please have patience with all the change and you can rest assured that in the end, TYC will be restored to its proper function (Just as soon as Ed and I get all of our personal agendas met while holding up shiny things to distract the legislators and media).
Thank you all for your hard work, your dedication and your opinions on how to make it all work (Hey Ed, call your wife again and ask her how to change that stuff. And, can you hand me another one of those emails from the employees; the fire is getting low).
Sincerely,(you all can kiss my ass)

Jay Kimbrough (The Devil Wears Perry)

Anonymous said...

the meeting? well, let's see if I can give a brief description....first she opened with "gee, I never realized how many people work here." She's going to visit the facilities soon. Her contract ends May 31.

She had all of us introduce ourselves and told the sweet story of her life (TDCJ)and explained that she's here to fix all the problems TYC has and totally restructure the agency. She went on to tell us how "transparent" we need to be in our decision making & promised to let all employees know about the decisions "the team" are making (yeah right).

Some of my favorite phrases: "resocialization is dead", "storm today, but perform Monday", "you shouldn't expect teenagers to do what they are told" and, of course, a variation of "if you don't like it, leave"

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a huge success in the since that the masturbator got everyone to masturbate. I think Jay and Ed were bailing Dutton out of jail and their presence would have only highlighted the “creamy” performance. They don’t realize the fact that we are just a swarm of bebe kids…. We don’t cry, we multiply….

"Chuy" said...

As long as we have elected officials allow this to take place all the screaming will make no difference. They (Ed Owens, Jay Kimbrough) can appoint, anoint, fire, behead, and not have a clue as to what they are doing as long as they continue to have catchy phrases like "We will release 500 youth". When our elected officials can go out and receive a DUI and make decisions for this agency (the same offense for a TYC employee would get them fired), what does everyone really expect. This is a circus and our elected officials are turning a blind eye because they really do not know what they are doing. One last thing, can we please have all elected officials ran TCIC, NCIC, so we the people of Texas know what our elected officials have done in their past. They have no respect, dignity, or honor, if they did they would actually place a person with ethics into running TYC not a person that covers up sex crimes.

Whitsfoe said...

Dutton got thrown in Jail on a DWI? I thought the dude was drunk when he proposed that bill allowing the transfer of 100 bed-plus facilities to TDCJ. Will he be suspended until this session ends? Who bailed him out? I want to see the mugshot. Please post it if available.

Anonymous said...

Scott you might want to move this topic back up to the top since it is still getting a lot of action.

Whitsfoe said...

Om my God! On Dutton's arrest:

"State Rep. Senfronia Thompson said she was sad to learn the news.

"This is one of those things that happen in life, we're not perfect," Thompson said. "This is not going to hurt him in his district."

State Rep. Garnet Coleman said he knows Dutton is a responsible individual.

"Everybody makes errors," Coleman said. "Legislators are human, too."

Rep. Sylvester Turner said the incident was "unfortunate" but he thinks that Dutton's long service to his district will weigh in his favor. He said voters want their representatives "to be mindful of our behavior in every facet of our lives" but don't "expect perfect people."

MMMMkay.... now we have an issue. The pot has offically called the kettle black and it's time for war.

Anonymous said...

Besides the new rule about prior charges (regardless of how petty), did TYC change it's policy on how they may fire somebody? Before they had to have solid-as-a-rock, documented justifications. It must be different now since firing somebody for ideological differences (those directors and administrators that were given the pink slip) is not a sound justification. If it has changed, when did it change, how did it happen, and who approved it?

Anonymous said...

So it appears that Dutton's colleagues are supportive and forgiving...What about the employees being fired from TYC who have dedicated decades to public service, just because they "made mistakes" and were "not perfect"? Again, TYC's mission is to rehabilitate youthful offenders. Aren't the very employees being fired some of the best role models the public could want for these youth? I bet Dutton gets to keep his job. TYC employees will not only lose their jobs, but if anyone calls for a reference, they will be told these employees are not eligible for rehire. This is the biggest pile of shit I've seen since watching Jurassic Park!

Anonymous said...

12:49- Hey! That's not fair! Don't pull down the poor pea brained dinosaurs in Jurassic Park! They can't help it that they crap bigger piles of poo than all the common sense put together with Perry's pitbulls and the Lege's liquored up litigators! Can't we all just get along?
The Geico Cave Man

Anonymous said...

Well, Jay, Ed and Dimitria (oh, and let's not forget linchman Eric Young-oh yes and didn't Ms. Pope say she'd stay as long and Dr. McKever approved the funds--something like that)--quickly, spend the money Dr. McKeever--oh yea, you've sold out with Mr. Linchman Eric Young. Well none of us are safe in this place anymore. You have fired the finest professionals this agency has ever had ...You don't appreciate good people when you see them--oh that's right if its not from TDCJ or aggie land then "let the heads roll". If they did challenge you, you should all be ashamed, if that's your rationale for all the pink slips last week! This is not a place for reform, if the top leadership can not take diversity in opinion. I can tell you, these people never said a negative thing against reform--they took your re-organization, gave you plans, and were ready to take this agency to reform without destroying the agency right along with it. We were right behind them working long hours, because they were true leaders. Dimitria, you appreciate nothing about TYC. You have no place in an agency of critical thinkers ...what insecurity! Everytime you visit our facilities, you say nothing good. You hang on kids like the girl at Marlin like they are your "babies"--give me a break--the kids know your number and have you wrapped. They would assault you if you talked to them like you do your management team. That doesn't mean we can't change them, decades show we have in the midst of underfunding because of fine, dedicated Supts, Asst Supts, CM, PS, JCOs and yes even Central Office professionls that take a beating from all of you, yet stayed until you elected to fire them--. When will Robin McKeever cut off her money purse or is she afraid like Eric...shame on both of you. Eric, aren't you our HR ADED--aren't you supposed to tell management when they step outside the lines of what your experience tells you is wrong--did you really agree with the firing of felons with no contact with kids? Do you not believe in the rehabilitation of staff that turn their lives around and serve our kids..who better to know how to turn your life around. I'm not saying to not have a time period when you are ineligible, but give me a break--decades ago is a lifetime ago. You think you will recruit staff in rural areas to come work for TYC --in the manner that you have allowed staff to be dismissed without cause? Change policies to suit you--go ahead, our agency is paying the price right now as people talk daily in the field about leaving this agency. What kind of reputation do we have in our coummunities...I'll tell you, it is pathetic, thanks to you Eric and what you have allowed. Even your own staff don't like their jobs anymore. Their tired of being the ones that carry the bodies out. I hope your destiny treats you as well as you have treated the felons and your Executive Council colleagues.

I knew when Dr. Reyes and Neil Nichols resigned that the agency was headed down hill, and it is--For all of us left behind: unite and fight--this is TYC NOT TDCJ--Ed go home to your wife. Jay, get on your Harley with your "doo rag" and may a gangster find you. Dimitria--go eat honey--"Miss Honey" (that's her e-mail address--what a joke--what are you thinking to have an email like that--what are you trying to say--???)
Annonymous but watching you and waiting for Leadership--oh yea, you fired true leaders..!

Anonymous said...

Well it has not gottren any better because they are still firing people with criminal backgrounds.In May when they started checking everybodies background they told people to write and explain why they had something on their history and they would decide if they could keep their job are not. I was told that the reason they didn't fire everybody then was because they would not have enough staff to keep none of the doors open.So they used those staff until they started filling position then they played like they did new background checks and decided that even those with deferred adjudication should not work at TYC either because they are criminals.I think everybody that lost their behing this mess should get together and march on Austin.Remeber this is an election year and we have a vote.