Sunday, October 28, 2007

Homemade jail hooch sounds really gross

Here's a new one on me: Inmates in the Brazoria County Jail, reports The Facts, use rudimentary materials to make their own homemade alcohol. In an article (10/28) about jail contraband, The Facts reports that:
Cell phones aren’t a problem at the Brazoria County jail, but rudimentary alcohol is, jail Capt. Rex McCall said.

“We haven’t had a cell phone in here for about five years. The trustys assigned outside are searched every time they come back into the facility,” McCall said.

To make alcohol, inmates use bread, any kind of fruit, water and a plastic soda bottle, placing the fruit and bread — for a yeast culture — in the bottle with water. They sometimes strain the chunky mixture through a second slice of bread in about 2 weeks, making what McCall said is a “pretty nasty brew.”

Inmates also dry banana peels and roll them to smoke. There is no mood-altering effect, “just something to smoke,” McCall said. Texas jail facilities are tobacco-free.

Contraband is less of a problem in county jail than in Texas Department of Criminal Justice buildings because local inmates have more to lose. Prisoners serve between two days and two years in county if they can’t make bond before facing a judge.
Smoking banana peels, making alcohol from fruit, water and bread - I don't know whether to admire the ingenuity or to be really grossed out by behavior that sounds like some damnable cross between the TV shows MacGyver and Prison Break.


Anonymous said...

You know so much, yet so little. Well come to the real world :)

Anonymous said...

They want to escape so badly,they know it will cost them 15yrs flat to physically escape, so this is their only choice. It is gross. They are thrown in to the lions' den. Have you ever watched a tiger, that was captured in the wild,watch how he paces back and forth in his cage?? Same thing, different animal.

Daniel said...


Inmates in the Brazoria County Jail, reports The Facts, use rudimentary materials to make their own homemade alcohol.

Some Navy guys I knew on ship would make their own hooch in much the same way. It was pretty nasty stuff. Think of a cross between boones farm and night train... now just imagine the absolute worst of either.

Same thing, different animal.

Except that tiger didn't screw over his fellow tiger.

Unknown said...

When I read things too quickly, letters get mixed up, so I thought your title was something about homeschool.

The post content seemed about right for that, too.

Anonymous said...

Spend possibly up to two years before seeing a judge!! WHAT HAPPENED TO INNOCENT BEFORE PROVEN GUILTY!!

Anonymous said...

To Daniel,usmc: Point taken! :)

Anonymous said...

Innocents are often kept in prison without bail for a very long time. The purpose is to get them to accept a plea bargain. That way the cost to the judicial system is minimized. Remember, there is no appeal in a guilty plea.

Jail is purposefully made unbearable. That means innocents are strongly motivated to get out ---- no matter what they have to plea guilty to.

Alwasy remember, there is very little justice in the system!

Anonymous said...

If you think that's bad, look up Jenkem. An hallucinogenic inhalant created by the gases given off by a mixture of fermenting urine and feces. Two products readily available in any corrections setting. Eeeeew!

Anonymous said...

GRITS ARE YOU OK???? you didn't try some of that hooch and end up in the hospital did you?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I'm fine, thanks for asking!

I attended and spoke at a juvenile probation conference in Lubbock and had some technical issues getting online. More about that soon.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

And @6:13, I couldn't agree more. I'm nearly continually astonished at how little I know. Truly you learn something new every day.

@ Daniel, USMC - perhaps you underestimate the big cats' proclivity for antisocial behavior? best,

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Unknown said...

I want the recipe for the bread they serve on sandwiches? ?? Anyone?