Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More jail commissary corruption alleged

This time in Potter County. Another recent bribery scandal involving the commissary in Bexar County resulted in the Sheriff's indictment and removal from office.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the Rockwall County DA has been indicted for allegedly dipping into government funds to pay his monthlies. For whatever reason (the prosecutions appear uncoordinated), we've been seeing a lot of official corruption cases over the last couple of years.

No wonder a new report found that "The U.S. side of the border is vulnerable [to increased drug violence] because ... law enforcement is poorly coordinated, undersupplied and sometimes corrupt." If you think law enforcement corruption is just a Mexican problem, amigo, you've got another "think" coming.

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tttt said...

Here's a link to the indictments:

I see Mid-America's president was indicted as well. I wonder what ever became of Jack Madera who founded Mid-America. He was once indicted in Dallas county along with the sheriff behind teir commissary contract but the charges were later dropped. Geez, what a sleazy business.