Wednesday, October 10, 2007

La Meme Chose: The Best Criminal Justice Blogs

I've been flattered recently that several legal bloggers have named Grits as one of the 10 best law blogs in a recent meme-round on the topic that collectively should help us all expand our blogrolls with a lot of really cool, new blogs.

But it was Skelly Wright's inclusion of Grits in his list that made me decide to buckle down and pick a top ten. For those who don't know, besides being one of the earliest public defender bloggers at Arbitrary and Capricious, Judge Wright is a true civil rights hero - he was the federal jurist who presided over the desegregation of the New Orleans schools and public facilities in 1962. So giving props to Skelly, not to mention Jeralyn, Jamie, and others kind enough to mention Grits in their lists, here are the law and criminal justice related blogs (defined extremely broadly) that I'm reading most frequently right now:
I could name many more blogs on the bubble, and if I were picking two weeks ago or two weeks from now, a few of those names might be different. But I couldn't recommend these blogs more highly, and as always be sure to check Grits' sidebar if you're ever running short of reading material.

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