Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hooray! Back Gate Returns from Blogospheric Grave!

Go say "Howdy"!

The Back Gaters recommended (WARNING: Profanity-laced; not safe for work) this video from a former TDCJ Correctional Officer describing what it's like to work in a Texas prison. Says TBG, it "really hits the nail on the head, in more ways than one." The speaker in the video is quite a character, and you've gotta love his East Texas accent.


Anonymous said...

Sorry , but there is nothing to love about this character, not even the accent. It is pretty pathetic that he represents a large portion of so-called Correctional Officers and makes a laughing stock out of those who take their job seriously. I am frankly amazed that the backgate published this .

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Oh, come on, you've gotta like the baritone, Piney Woods drawl! Perhaps it just makes me homesick, like the sound of a hound dog baying in the woods.

Anyway, I agree he's not anyone TDCJ is going to put in its recruitment videos. Perhaps it was inappropriate to post, but I thought it was kinda funny, if, you're right, maybe just a little bit pathetic. Sorry if I offended.