Sunday, January 27, 2008

If we must have a wall, where should we build it?

This week's reader survey questions where, if anywhere, Texas really needs to build a wall. Here are the options for this week's poll:
  • On the Rio Grande to keep out the Mexicans
  • On the Red River to keep out the Okies
  • On the Sabine River to keep out people from Louisiana and Arkansas
  • On the western border to keep out Californians and Phoenix refugees
  • I don't want a wall
You can choose multiple options. For example, personally I favor leaving the border with Mexico more or less open, but walls on the Red River or on the western border to keep out the Californians and Arizona suburbanites would be fine with me! ;) In fact, Kathy predicts the option of a wall to keep out Californians will win hands down. We'll see!

Let me know your preference in the sidebar poll and the comments.


jsn said...

I like the photo of the Great Wall how about a photo of the Roman Wall (there are intact sections).

I also like the fact that if you build all the walls you will have a wall to keep Texans in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's the wall I want. The wall that will keep Texans from escaping and trying to run the country.

Anonymous said...

Texans are not the only Grits readers! These days people from all over the country have an interest in the immegration / illegal alien question.

The next poll might ask:

Where are you? Mexico, Midwest, East, West etc.

Anonymous said...

Can we build a wall around Farmers Branch or Irving? Keep them in.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I hadn't thought of just walling in Farmer's Branch! And as for those wanting the wall to keep Texans out of the rest of the country, an Okie friend informs me that Oklahomans by a wide margin would agree with my suggestion of a wall on the Red River!

Finally 12:53, point well taken. I actually have pretty good data from Google Analytics on where Grits readers come from. About 64% are Texans, with California and New York each sending just under 3,000 visits per month, on average. Readers elsewhere are much more scattered, and since search engine hits make up a disproportionate # of the out of state visits, in my mind's eye I assume most regulars are Texans, but not all by a longshot! best,

W. W Woodward said...

It's too late. We should have built the wall just after 1865 - all the way around the state. Our metropolitan areas have been inundated with transplanted yankees and west coast fruits and nuts.

The Okies don't really want Texians to stay out of Okla-homa. Our poor little grey haired granny ladies are supporting their entire state. How could Okla-homa exist without the money they lose at the casinos?

Anonymous said...

the u of o would fight a wall on the Red River with all their might because the majority of their outstanding recruits are from the Lone Star State - and they do not want these fine athletes going to tu or A&M

jim said...

How about a wall around Austin to keep the lege out?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@8:08 - you've uncovered my secret plot. Call it the Adrian Peterson gambit!

rage said...

How about a wall around Austin to keep the lege out?

Or the racist Austinites in?

Anonymous said...

The next poll should be about where folk would want to build bridges over the walls they built.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout a wall around DC to keep the politicians out? (Build it during a recess)

That would sure put a slow-down on stupid laws being passed.