Friday, March 07, 2008

Bexar deputy's arrest shows police more deserving of steroid investigation than baseball players

As the media continues to rip into Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens over allegations of steroid use, I continue to wonder when the same sort of systematic attention will be paid to steroid use among law enforcement?

When I first raised this issue, more than a few people expressed surprise and said they didn't believe it was common. So since then, I've been paying closer attention when these cases come up, especially in Texas. Last month in San Antonio, a Bexar County Sheriff's Deputy was busted purchasing steroids at his off-duty job as a flea market security guard, reported WOAI radio ("Deputy arrested and charged with drug possession," Feb. 12):
The deputy, 34-year-old Omar Rubio, was taken into custody Saturday. Sheriff's detectives said Rubio was in his full deputy's uniform when he purchased several vials of illegal steroids.

"The sheriff's office started an investigation about 90 days ago into the allegation that Rubio had been purchasing and possibly using steroids," said Deputy Chief Ronald Bennet of the Bexar County Sheriff's Department.

Sources inside the sheriff's office said a tipster warned detectives about the 34-year-old deputy and the illegal body enhancing drugs.
The Bexar Sheriff's department only discovered the deputy's drug use because an informant came forward, not because of departmental testing or other proactive efforts by the Sheriff. In the scheme of things, it's a lot bigger deal if law enforcement officers are engaging in black markets to purchase performance enhancing drugs than if Marion Jones or Andy Pettite did so. But while federal investigators went actively hunting for steroid use among sports stars, apparently abuse among police isn't so big a priority. Authorities usually only go after such cases among law enforcement, as in this instance, when somebody hands it to them on a silver platter.

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Anonymous said...

......................................................A deputy in full uniform buying steroids at a flea market does not sound like a "black market" to me. Seems like the concerned colleagues at the Sheriff's Office were the source of the information that led to the arrest. Would you advise them to "Stop Snitchen"? Do you mean to infer that the deputy is innocent until proven guilty- usually you seem to convict law enforcement types based on initial information- you would have him guilty first, tried later...

Gritsforbreakfast said...

First, a cop in full uniform buying illegal drugs is still engaged in the "black market," he's just being really stupid about it.

Second, I've never advised anyone to "stop snitching," see here, e.g..

As for innocent until proven guilty, the presumption of innocence is overcome with evidence - they caught him red handed. This isn't Roger Clemens where the sole evidence is the word of a snitch. If he pleas innocent and contests it, I'll reconsider, but for the moment I don't see what your concern is.

Anonymous said...

My concerns grits you are always bushing the police etc.At least they have job that not everybody can do.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Oh, I see. All the issues you raised were red herrings and really you just don't want me to ever criticize law enforcement. Gotcha.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone can be a Dr. or President of the U.S.

Does Anonymous think Police are "Special"? They're not special, they're not even exempt from the laws they enforce.

You go Grits!

zebra30 said...

Can you please tell me whatever did happen to the cop that got arrested for steriods back in feb,08? What was the outcome?

Anonymous said...

What does angels gold have anything to do with the topic. Is it somekind of drug or something,I am not experienced in all that stuff. The topic is about a cop that got caught with drugs. So does anyone know the status of that cop? Cause I would like to know what happened from then until now.Did the officer actually go to jail/prison?