Thursday, March 13, 2008

Melee at federal detention center possibly caused by mixing pretrial, convicted inmates

After a large-scale fistfight on Tuesday night in which 9 inmates and three staff were injured at the federal detention facility in downtown Houston, one attorney "said that housing inmates awaiting transfer to federal prison for serious crimes under the same roof with pretrial defendants is a 'a recipe for disaster,'" reported the Houston Chronicle.

A couple of Mark Bennett's clients were in the facility at the time, the Chron reported, so maybe he'll have more thoughts on whether combining these classes of inmates causes other problems.

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Mark Bennett said...

I was really sloppily misquoted in that article. My client, downstairs from the riot (is that some sort of prison term-of-art?) heard yelling, rumbling like furniture being moved around, and two small explosions. That's about it.