Friday, March 07, 2008

Here and there about the blogs

Here are a few items from around the blogosphere that caught my interest today.

Robert Guest who had been blogging at I Was the State has a new blog, Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog, where he'll be spending his time now. Update your blogrolls accordingly. Note to Robert: The old name was MUCH better, though the layout of the new one is superior. What was wrong with "I Was the State"?

Meanwhile, Migra Matters has several good posts up on their blog that add context to some of the issues I was writing about earlier today.

Steanso, an Austin prosecutor whose blog I hadn't run across until Jamie Spencer mentioned it, shares his thoughts on the Pew report that one in 100 US adults is incarcerated, as well as the Roger Clemens steroid case.

Simple Justice recently shared an hilarious YouTube sendup of economic theory, and I enjoyed a nice conversation on some of the issues raised in the comments.

Stephen Gustitis is in trial and his case features "snitches galore."

Finally, Kevin Kelly thinks a blogger can make a living if s/he has "1,000 True Fans."


Anonymous said...


The new blog is in "beta" mode. The old name was far superior. However, I am now bowing to the SEO Gods.

I am working on expanding into the Dallas market and the blog is going to help make that transition. Besides, I still own IWTS and IWTS links to my new blog.

Thanks for the link, and thanks for reading.

On a side note, are you going to Netroots Nation in June?


Gritsforbreakfast said...

I haven't decided about Netroots Nation, Robert. If I do I'll have to fundraise for the fee.