Thursday, March 27, 2008

Honest to God "snake oil salesman" charged for selling venomous, vodka-based elixir

Just pointing this story out for its "don't you love this state?" humor value.

I'm not surprised someone would make such a concoction, but it cracks me up that the vendor, named "Bayou Bob," no less, developed a significant customer base selling what amounts to rattlesnakes brined in vodka, which sold as a natural medicinal remedy, he (naturally) insists.

A true, literal, snake-oil salesman ... who'da thought?

Bayou Bob had one bottle of rattlesnake soaking in tequila when his facility was raided, along with 429 containers with rattlers soaking in vodka. One imagines that, for tequila drinkers, this development would significantly add to the dilemma as you near the end of the bottle over whether to "eat the worm."


Unknown said...

I just had to send all 8 articles in my email just for this post. This is classic! How do you come up with these?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

JT, these kind of strange but true TX justice stories are so common I actually skip over most of them. This one - especially with the one bottle of tequila - was just too funny to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! (Shaking with revulsion) Man, I thought I saw some weird stuff in my military travels, like (cobra gall bladders and gorilla hands), but never figured somebody would use the whole snake. Probably didn't even void the critter before he bottled it. So, what's inside would eventually leak out. Bleah!