Thursday, March 13, 2008

Perry to name Assistant US Attorney Ken Magidson interim Harris County DA

I'd speculated that the Governor would just wait and appoint the GOP winner in the runoff to be the interim Harris County District Attorney, but Rick Perry must not have liked the remaining two options - Pat Lykos and Kelly Siegler - because the Houston Chronicle reports that he's appointing Assistant US Attorney Ken Magidson Harris County DA, a position he'll hold for the next nine months before returning to the federal prosecutor's office.

Mr. Magidson's is not a name with which I'm personally familiar, but for initial local commentary on the appointment, see Defending People, Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, BlogHouston, and Kuff.


Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow Austinite...

Was fortunate to stumble upon your blog last night.

Seen you in many blogrolls over time. Love your focus.

Look forward to checking in more often.


Anonymous said...

On an unrelated note, have you seen this?

You know things are weird when the Texas Justice system gets into Penny Arcade. Check out the "news" button as well as the comic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this seems fair and impartial.
Bet they're scared over at the DA's shop.

Anonymous said...

The Harris County DA office should be wiped clean and new lawyers hired. Those who are there now have the Rosenthal attitude,and none of them are untouchable, if doubted, ask Chuck. He was rotten to the core and should have been fired years ago. Clean out the office and sanatize it!!