Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Governor releases Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan

Here's a press release received via email from the Governor's office:
Gov. Rick Perry has released the Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015, a strategic plan that will guide the state’s preparation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts for all types of threats over the next five years. The plan serves as a high-level roadmap to allow for adaption to evolving situations in an ever-changing threat environment.

“Texas faces a diverse array of challenges to our safety and security, requiring a unique approach to preparedness, response and recovery efforts,” Gov. Perry said. “This plan was developed with the input of state agencies, law enforcement and emergency management personnel that form the homeland security community in Texas, ensuring the most accurate assessment of the risks in our state and the best recommendations on how to address them.”

Over the last five years, Texas has: increased the scope and magnitude of its coordinated border security operations; committed more than $230 million to fund border security operations; significantly improved radio interoperability; established a state health and medical operations center; and earned national recognition for its response to the spring 2009 novel H1N1 influenza outbreak. Over the same period, Texas responded to 7 hurricanes, 2 tropical storms, 18 tornadoes, drought, wildfires that burned more than 2 million acres and 1 terrorist attack at Fort Hood.

The Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015 builds on the successes from the past five years while incorporating new initiatives to address new and evolving threats. This plan places additional focus on:

• Unified investigations and prosecutions of high threat gangs;
• Increased information sharing between all levels of government, law enforcement and the public; and
• Enhanced public-private partnerships.

A complete copy of the Texas Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2010-2015 can be found here (pdf).
I haven't had a chance to ready any of it yet but thought I'd put the link out there for anyone interested.

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Anonymous said...

"..1 terrorist attack at Fort Hood."

Sorry I call bullshit .. There was no terrorist attack, it was a lone dude with a pistol.. and the military responded, with some backup from local law enforcement. Texas only got involved after the real stuff was done to add its name to the rolls of 'also-rans'..

it must be nice to make stuff up to put on your resume.. I think I'll add stormed the beaches of Normandy to mine now.