Saturday, May 01, 2010

Bumbling Nueces DA fires wrong person for release of embarrassing document she authored

Just weeks after Governor Perry appointed her Nueces County District Attorney, Anna Jimenez fired a veteran prosecutor for supposedly leaking an embarrassing, profanity-laced document Jimenez had written. But now the woman who released the document to the media says the fired prosecutor wasn't the person who gave it to her. Oops!

Here's a copy of the document (pdf) in question; give it a read. I can see why the DA is pissed that it got out, but she should be more p.o.'ed at herself for being stupid and juvenile enough to create the damn thing in the first place. It's unquestionably in poor taste and actually includes her signature and bar card number, for heaven's sake!

Prosecutors in the office thought it was written as a humorous spoof, which is how it reads to me. However, reported the Caller-Times:

Jimenez said it was no joke and never was meant to be distributed.

Attorney Rene Rodriguez said Jimenez had presented him with the document, which was written in the form of a legal motion seeking to bar him from making insulting remarks about the five accusers, Jimenez and police.

“She said she was going to file it if I didn’t back down,” he said. “It wasn’t a joke. It was for real.”

Joke or not, firing the person who released it (or the person she erroneously thought released it, if it's accurate she dismissed the wrong employee) looks even worse than the contents of the document itself. A joke's a joke, and perhaps would have been forgivable if she'd just laughed it off. But losing your job is no laughing matter and by firing an office veteran the the Governor's appointee upped the ante considerably, needlessly, and IMO unwisely. I don't know why she was selected but Rick Perry didn't do Nueces County any favors with that appointment.


Michael said...

A Perry appointee turns out to be an incompetent dunderhead? Hush yo mouth!

Anonymous said...

Good Hair strikes again. I thought he just screwed the pooch with TYC appointments. At least Good Hair is consistent. LMAO.....

gravyrug said...

WTF? That document is disturbing on many levels. Do defense lawyers ever actually use that language in court? If so, why couldn't they be charged with contempt right then, rather than threatened with some preemptive document like this?

Ultimately, if the ADA didn't want the document public, she shouldn't have written it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Talk about trying to suppress evidence? hahahahah far beyond that!

And we pay taxes for this?