Sunday, May 09, 2010

News flash to schools: Possession of Jolly Ranchers violates no state rules

This headline caught my eye from Lynn Walsh at the Texas Watchdog: "Third-grader wasn't violating state rules when she accepted a Jolly Rancher at school; Brazos County girl had gotten detention for possessing candy: KHOU."

So the third grader didn't violate state rules, but the real question is, "Did the school violate any?" One would hope. Read the whole post, which contains several other recent examples of school-discipline overkill.

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Anonymous said...

I see the whole candy against nutrition stance as yet one more brink in the wall that big brother builds. It isn't hard to establish restrictions on the masses if you start at an early age enforcing laws they accept due to lack of knowledge.

I am not a foil hat carrier, but my theory seems to proving itself in the last 3 or 4 years.

R. Shackleford said...

Yeah. This is why I home school.