Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reentry focus of House committee, prison ministry at end of June

The House Corrections Committee will meet in Houston June 30 to focus on reentry issues, meeting in the hearing room for the Harris County Commissioners Court. They'll be discussing their Interim Charge #3:
Study current re-entry programs and procedures across the juvenile and adult criminal justice continuum. Make recommendations to ensure that offenders who are released or discharged have the necessary supervision and access to employment, housing, treatment, and other support programs to allow successful entry and integration into the community. Evaluate the working relationship between state agencies facilitating re-entry and make recommendations on how to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings.
That same week, Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship will be holding its "Out4Life" conference on reentry in San Antonio June 28-30.

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DeathBreath said...

Oh, I want to puke. Little Chucky is still contaminating the minds & souls of the incarcerated? Oh, what a chummy little load of crap. Yes, we cannot have enough of Chucky or Jesus. Talk about being manipulated by offenders, my goodness. "Yes, I believe, oh, yes, I believe. Praise the Lord God Almighty. Do you have anything for me today? I need something from you." What a guy. His conversion to Xianity began during 1973 when he was in trouble with the Watergate crimes? Goodness, this is starting to sound familiar. And, I recommend a reading of: Inside the Criminal Mind by Stanton E. Samenow, Ph.D. Do you know when I realized that TDCJ had finally lost their minds? It was when George W. Christ came to one of the Jester units to sing hymns with the Jesus Prisoners. Please, forgive the lateness of the post. But, I am new to this forum. Now, I am too angry to type this. Idiots!