Sunday, April 24, 2011

'Grave Injustice'

The TV show 48-Hours Mystery on CBS last night ran an hour-long feature on Anthony Graves' dramatic exoneration after an heartbreaking false conviction for capital murder. Here's the text version of the story.


Anonymous said...

I watched the show last night and I could not believe how this man was ever convicted. The prosecuting attorney should be really ashamed of himself.

Prison Doc said...

The thing that surprised me most was that Sebesta was willing to appear on camera.

Thomas R. Griffith said...

Hey Grits, despite getting a heads up from one of GFB readers, I regrettably missed it. Since only two readers chimed in so far...

The railroading of Mr. Graves was no different than the countless other cases (other than his sentence being Death) of court sanctioned Prosecutorial Misconduct.

Like it or not, a 10 year sentence can and has resulted in Death. Many have dealt with denial by contemplating suicide and/or end up shanked. We the taxpayers & voters of Texas are the reason why innocent humans are convicted.

Mr. Sebesta was willing to go on camera due to several factors: ego, immunity & having the full support of the Texas Bar. Mrs. Kelly Sieglar chose to distance herself from him because the media and Innocent Network were looking over her shoulder. Does anyone really think that all of the 19 humans she prosecuted (to death) were all guilty?

If yes, consider this - She was trained by Mr. Casey J. O'Brien (aka: jigmeister , the king of nolo contendere) Why does this matter? He is on public record knowingly fabricating evidence (a firearm), manipulating witnesses to not take the stand (5 defense alibis witnesses), creating duplicate & falsifying court docs., etc...

She's a poser whom went in thinking Graves was her 20th notch on her lipstick case but once she learned he was framed she bailed. There is no way in hell she read 25 boxes of anything in her entire life. Mr. Graves owes her nothing, she's no frigin hero and you won't hear her calling for Mr. Sebesta to be indicted.

The true heroes in this case are the students and their professor. Sadly you won't hear about them looking into non-DNA related claims of actual innocence. Let me know when they do. You won't hear about humans from all races and creeds protesting together in public over this travesty either. Thanks.

Scott Stevens said...

Mr. Griffith:
I have not seen this show, however I may take issue with your comment about the Texas Bar. If by "the Texas Bar" you mean the organization, the State Bar of Texas, perhaps you are correct, I don't know. If you mean all lawyers, then you owe me and many other lawyers an apology. In no way have I ever supported the type of conduct in which Mr. Sebesta engaged.

As a prosecutor many years ago, I even went to the extent of asking a defense lawyer to file a motion for new trial and then dismissing the case AFTER I won a guilty verdict in trial. The "victim" made a comment immediately after the trial that undermined my confidence in the verdict and I took steps to correct the problem right away.

I say this not seeking any praise for myself. I was taught that doing the minimum deserves no praise, and when a wrongful conviction occurs, undoing it is the minimum.

My point is that MANY lawyers and even prosecutors DO NOT SHARE SEBESTA'S ATTITUDES.