Wednesday, April 06, 2011

John Bradley's last hurrah at the Forensic Science Commission

AP's Jim Vetuno says that even though he won't be confirmed as Forensic Science Commission Chairman, after next week John Bradley will have finished the primary task set out for him by the Governor:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry's controversial pick to lead the state Forensic Science Commission is facing certain rejection from the state Senate, but Perry only needs him in the job for another week.
That's long enough for the panel to rule on a case that has raised highly-charged questions of whether Texas sent a man to his execution based on faulty arson evidence.

The forensics panel is scheduled to meet April 14-15 to consider its final report on the case of Cameron Todd Willingham.

Perry presided over Willingham's 2004 execution. Perry appointed Williamson County prosecutor John Bradley to lead the forensics panel in 2009.

Once in charge, Bradley slowed down the panel's work and pushed members to find there was no misconduct by fire investigators in the original 1991 investigation.
MORE: From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Republican state Sen. Bob Deuell, chairman of the Senate Nominations Committee, said Wednesday that he is stalling a vote on the nomination of John Bradley as chairman of the state Forensic Science Commission until that panel considers its final report in a controversial arson/execution case.


rodsmith said...

ahh but what's stopping them from the week after having another hearing and annoucing that they were shafted by the govt and his stooge and HERE IS THE REAL REPORT!

Anonymous said...

Perry is a disgrace. We, the people, are Texas and he is the public servant. Perry lives a life of luxury while many of his fellow Texans (not subjects) can't find decent FULL TIME jobs and live in poverty. He appoints his friends to high places. He profits from the misery of others by way of private prisons. His friends get rich with his behind closed door deals. He supports and upholds incarcerating and executing innocent people. Our children mean nothing to Perry, especially children in foster care and children living in poverty. Perry has no regard for the democratic process. His only concern is with his own agenda.

Perry has made a mockery of Texas. The Bradley Fiasco is one more example of Perry's lack of integrity.

David RD said...

Anonymous @ 04/07 01:02 am - totally agree with you!! Perry is one of the biggest embarrassments (even more than GW) our state has had - at least in my 55yrs. But, unless our young people and the very large Hispanic majority become a little more informed and educated about what these "GOONS" have been doing and how they've been running our State - the same type of idiot will be elected the Gov's office and throughout the Legi! American's and Texans seem to have an extremely short memory - after all that's happened in the last 10 yrs and especially since the collapse of the Nation's, the State's, and the World's economy they put the idiots back in control!! I totally don't like what's happening in our State House or the Congress, but I do sit back and say - many times - "the Country is indeed getting what they asked for" - stupidity, greed, corruption, arrogance, and just outright POOR governance "for the people". At least the Senate has the balls to say NO to Perry on this "henchman" he's appointed to do his dirty work. Wished they had it for some of his other ones.

A Texas PO said...

I'm glad Deuell is making that political move, but Bradley's been such a shankmeister that I highly doubt this will phase him in the least. The FSC was created to be unbiased and nonpartisan and has been anything but. If nothing moves forward on the Willingham report, I certainly hope, as rodsmith has said, that the Commission decides, once again, to review the case and release some real findings.