Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In-house mystery: The case of the disappearing comments

Just a housekeeping note: For some reason, Grits' comment spam filter has lately been capturing and diverting a larger portion of legitimate comments in addition to the dozens of spam comments captured every day. I just went through and published about 10 legitimate comments from the last week or so that the system had for some reason identified as spam. A couple of them were anonymous writers who were highly critical of me, so I wanted to emphasize in this post that I have not been and do not plan to pre-vet comments based on their content. If your recent comment didn't show up, please don't assume some conspiracy or personal animus. It was a technical glitch for which you have Grits' sincere apologies.

Regrettably, the one thing I cannot do in response is turn off the comment spam filter, or Grits would immediately fill up with a bunch of garbage from people buying and selling gold, Ugg boots, Asian porn, etc.. Even with the settings where they are, quite a bit of spam gets through, much to my dismay; I delete them by hand when I find them. So I apologize to anyone to whom that's happened. Please forgive any perceived snub if your comment didn't appear after you'd written it.


Nemesis said...

I totally posted that you were a literary messiah and that your words served as the intricate foundation of my life mantra. That post, unfortunately, was lost in the cyberspace that is your spam filter. Oh, well.

Couldn't help it Scott...had to mess with you a bit. Keep up the good work, homeboy.

The Homeless Cowboy said...

As always my good man, I await your daily witticisms and comments with anticipation. True story.
Great job Scott, Thank You Sir.

Anonymous said...

How do I forward to you an article in this morning's Dallas Morning News regarding a death penalty case going on here in Dallas?