Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bloggers bust stereotypes in two spurious debates

This afternoon a friend dragged me into the aftermath of a press conference in the capitol that I thankfully didn't attend, and the last two media folks in there talking to Eddie Rodriguez were two bloggers, Eileen and Kimberly, whom I'd not had the privilege of meeting previously. Kimberly (who tartly noted that I'd "not yet" linked to her blog, which has been rectified) was busily writing up the event, and I asked on which blog I should look for her report. Oh no, she announced, "it's for Quorum Report." I'd have learned more, but she chased out after Rodriguez, peppering him with questions while earnestly trying to convince him to start a blog.

I got to chat a little more with Eileen riding down the elevator together, but we parted ways when I was headed out of the capitol. "I have to get a quote from Rodriguez," she announced sheepishly. "A quote?," I exclaimed, "What kind of blogger are you?" She laughed and said it was for her freelance gig.

So, what's the difference between bloggers and journalists? For
these two gals, nuthin. And while nobody's mistaking anybody over at the Pink Dome for Sy Hersh, they just broke an important story (and welcome, Bluebonnet!). Adina's done some significant legislative blogging, too, now at Save Muni Wireless.

Which reminds me, speaking of spurious debates, note to Amanda Marcotte: Congrats on the
new digs, but next time anybody asks you where all the women bloggers are, tell them they're kicking ass and taking names at the Texas Legislature, and don't seem to really care who is on the "A List."

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