Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cool under fire

Want to see what "cool under fire" looks like at the Texas Legislature? Watch the video of my ACLU of Texas colleague Andrea Marsh explaining why it's a bad idea to lower qualifications for lawyers certified to try death penalty cases. She was testifying against Chairman Terry Keel's HB 268 in the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee on Tuesday. I posted the bulk of her written remarks then, but the fireworks in the hearing are well worth watching, if you've an interest.

Death penalty critics are about as popular in Texas as a pig in Sunday School, and Chairman Keel showed up to the hearing ready to smoke some bacon. Instead, it was Marsh who carved the bill up like a Sunday ham. Keel's no slouch either, though. It was a good 'un.

Check out their intense exchange. It's the first bill up, so just watch from the beginning. Great job, Andrea: You're a star, baby.

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